Spirit Of Europe


Hi All,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone is going on the spririt of europe tour on 11 September? [br][br]Or if anyone has been on this tour and has any tips/advice for the trip![br][br]Its my first trip to europe and my first overseas trip on my own so its all a little nerve racking!!


Hi There[br][br]I am going on this tour. My name is Carissa, I am 27. I am from Queanbeyan (just near Canberra). I have spoken to another girl Natasha who is also going on this tour.[br][br]I am also doing the Edinburgh mini break afterwards.[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Carissa


Hi Carissa,[br][br]My name is Natalie, from Sydney, 24- good find someone so early on that is doing this tour as well![br][br]Im going to be travelling on my own around England before hand, and plan to do the Greek Island Hopping tour after this one[br][br]Nat


Hi[br][br]I am spending 2 weeks somewhere before i join the tour. I am trying to organise a home exchange in Geneva or Paris at the moment. Then a few days in london and edinburgh after. I am away for 7 weeks all up. [br][br]Talk to you soon[br][br]Carissa