Spirit of Europe


Hey there,

Im heading off on Spirit of Europe on August 17th departing London. Just wondering if anyone else is booked on this tour? Travelling solo!

x ;D



I’m also doing this tour. Travelling solo as well. Will you be staying at The Clink the night before?

Should be an awesome experience.



Hey Guys,

I’m another Aussie going on these dates. Look forward to it, should be a shit hot time. Do any of you live in London at the minute?


No sorry. Flying into London on the 2nd of August. That should give me some time to look around before the tour starts.

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a lot of Australians on these Topdeck tours…


Awesome! Was slightly concerned I may be the only solo traveller…Havent organised accom yet for the night before but will either be The Clink or Generator…they seem to be the most popular.

Im not in London at the moment but arrive on the first week of August, couple of days to do some exploring then Croatia for a week…

So excited, will be awesome! Whats everyone elses plans?



My plans are to fly to London at the start of August, spend a few days there then meet a friend in Glasgow.

After the tour I have 3 weeks before I have to head home. I plan on spending a week or so in Paris, and make my way to Munich for Oktoberfest. After that I have about a week to get back to London, so I might just make it up as I go.

What are your plans after the tour?


Hi I’m Kailash from India. I will also be joining you on this tour,but from Budapest on August 30 which will be day 13 of Spirit of Europe starting August 17.I’m also travelling solo…


After the tour I’m tossing up between Spain, Greece and Scotland. Was kinda hoping to wing it and see what everyone else’s plans were!Oktoberfest sounds wicked, my sister went last year and it looks off the hook…
Im booked in Generator before the trip leaves.

Loz :slight_smile: B-)


Any plans for staying after tour in london?? if yes where??


Hey, I just booked the spirit of europe for the 17th of August. Are there many folks travelling alone? And is anyone staying at the clinks hostel before the tour?

I’m so so excited about going, oh what kind of tours are everyone doing (off the top of your head).

Over and out, Sarah.


Hey, I’m also travelling solo but I’m looking forward to meet other travellers.

I’m staying at the Clink the night before, but I’m seeing a bit of the UK 2 weeks beforehand with a friend. I’m doing a 3 day tour of the scottish highlands, and seeing some of England.

After the tour I’m going to a bit of travel on the continent on my own.

Looking forward to it, not long to go now.


Fantastic, you should try look for nessie, its gorgeous up the highlands, although i havent actually been too far up north.

Great looks like most of the folk here are travelling themsleves. Are they really strict on the weight of your cases since you have to take a sleeping bag, toiletries, towel?, plus the kitchen sink.

Ever been to europe before?



I’m also going solo and will join Spirit Of Europe from Budapest Hungary that will be Day 13-14 of the tour of Spirit Of Europe…I’m lil nervous as going alone Euro solo for the first time…I have been Euro with family many times…I’m on Spirit Of Euro Aug 17(Day 13) or East Meets West August 30…

Hey need advice?? Anyone has ever stayed at Clinks…I heard a lot of bad things about that place so booked a hotel in paddington area which is like 2-3 miles from clinks…so not sure where I will finally stay in London

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