Spirit of Europe


Hi all[br][br]I have just booked the Spirit of Europe tour departing July the 27th with a mate. Is anyone else booked on this tour yet.


Hey, [br][br]Myself and four other friends are booked for the same tour :o Where are you from? We’re from Adelaide, Australia. [br][br]Can’t wait, it’s going to be amazing… well one would hope![br][br]Penny.


Hey Penny we are from Newcastle. We are deciding where to stay pre tour. What r u guys doing. It’s gonna be so much fun. We are travelling for 6 weeks in total and have just over 2 weeks travelling around the UK after the tour finishes[br][br]Trev & Dave


Hi,[br]I’m doing this tour but on the 8th of June, anyone else doing the same one?[br][br]Lauren


Sounds good. We’re staying at the clink for a couple of days prior to the tour, then traveling to Greece and Spain separately. 2 months in total. Yay. Got to admit that i’m a little nervous about the tour- not sure what to expect. Have you done topdeck before?[br][br]If you like add me on facebook. I have a link in my information. [br][br]


Me and my cousin are doing this tour starting 29 June… Anyone else??? We are heading to Ibiza after.


Hey i am booked on this tour for the 29th of June :slight_smile:


Awesome!! Im from sydney - where are u from Jess? Where are u staying before?


hey Ness i am from brisbane, i think i will be staying at clink for my pre and post, what about you?


Yeah i haven’t booked clink yet as i may be picking the tour up in Paris!! Post - We are heading to Ibiza the next day - ill let you know if we decide to go from London!! Can’t wait for this trip though!! Are you taking a sleeping bag? I was thinking of just taking a sleep sheet?


hey, thanks it would be great to know what you decide to do. I am jealous about Ibiza lucky! i think i will take a sleeping bag, hopefully a really small one.


Just bumping this up


Hey Jess!!

We are going to join from Paris now which is the evening of the 29th - so i guess i will be seeing u then!!


Hi Jess and Ness
Im doing the Eastern Spirit tour which joins your spirit of europe tour in Rome. I only booked it the other day and am really looking forward to it. I was originally booked on 10day greek islander hopper tour but plans have changed. Have you guys found out any info on the optional activities for this tour?

cheers Kirri


Hey Ness

I have met a few people on our tour. Some from New Zealand



Kirri - Awesome so u will join us in Rome!! Looking forward to it! Optional Activities are on the tour page now in a pdf so u can just print it off!! There are some amazing things to do - I will prob do all the optional activities!!!

Trev - Are you on the June 29 Departure??


Hi Ness

We are on the July 27th Departure from London. Where are you from? My mate and I are from Newcastle Australia.


Yeah. I think we join Rome on your second day there but I’ll probably go a day earlier. I found the optional activities the other day and it looks really good. Now all I have to do is get through the rest of the semester of uni and we will be there.


Hi all, I’ll be joining the crew in Rome on the 4th Aug. Will fly in a week before hand, if anyone is there before hand PM or email me so we can meet up beforehand. G