Spirit of Europe!


Hey everyone! Is anybody doing the spirit of Europe tour in April??[br]My partner and I have just booked. I am really excited!![br]Any advise from anyone who has been on this trip??[br][br]Thanks[br]Casey[br]Spirit of Europe[br]2009


Hi Casey[br][br]I am looking at doing the tour but not until 5th May 2009. It looks awesome.[br][br]Would love to hear from anyone looking to do the tour in May.


Hey![br][br]I’m doing the April 15th Spirit of Europe Tour![br][br]I can’t wait! I’m off to Canada and London for a month beforehand too.[br][br]Anyone with any tips or advice for this tour would be great![br][br]:slight_smile:


Our trip starts on the 28th April. We are going to Turkey first so can’t wait to do the whole ANZAC trip.[br]Anyone doing something similar??


Hi, [br]My best friend and I are doing the Spirit of Europe on the 15th April too. We are both from Newcastle, NSW. [br][br]Can’t wait!!![br][br]Jess


Yeah the trip looks like it is going to be great. Our trip is the next one leaving on the 28th of April.[br]Are you stayinging at the Globetrotter Jess?[br][br]Casey Hewitt[br]Spirit of Europe 09


Hey Jess!![br][br]Awesome :slight_smile: fellow aussies on the tour!! Are you staying in London at the Globetrotters beforehand? I’m traveling solo - bit scared! But super excited![br][br]Mel


Yep, we get in 2 days before on the Sunday and have a few days after the tour there as well so we get some time to explore London! [br]I am a bit worried as well, but more just getting organised and all that stuff. Especially fitting all my stuff into the suitcase + leaving room for shopping. [br]I guess I will just post my dirty clothes home, hehehe[br][br]Jess


Yeh I’m worried about not having enough room in my bag either! I have 2 weeks in London before hand, staying with a freind, but will probably move to Globetrotters the night before the tour starts because I think we have to meet at 6am in the foyer![br][br]Hope I have enough money by the time the tour starts haha[br][br]Mel


Hi all, My boyfriend and I are booked on this tour for the 14th of April. We’re sooooo excited! Only 100 days until departure, so also a tad nervous! :)[br][br]the travel bug has bit me


Booked on the one leaving 4/28, arriving from Canada the Sunday before to spend a day or two touring London!


Hi Charlsie.[br][br]I’m also looking at doing the May 5th trip. I know i want to be in Europe around April/May, I’m just wondering whether to go with a tour or wing it (I’ll be traveling by myself)…but i think having a group of like-minded individuals on a whirlwind tour of Europe would be alot of fun :)[br][br]I’m also trying to get an idea of how much to budget for the ‘optionals’ during the tour. Suggestions/advice?[br][br]Let me know if you go ahead and book it :slight_smile:


Hi [br][br]I;m doing the Spirit of Europe tour departing on the 12th May 2009. Is there anyone doing the same dates?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig - Sydney Australia


Hi,[br][br]I’m doing this tour on the 12th May Departure. I’m from Sydney Australia. I’m going on my own.[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig[br][br][quote]Originally posted by Charlsie[br]
Hi Casey[br][br]I am looking at doing the tour but not until 5th May 2009. It looks awesome.[br][br]Would love to hear from anyone looking to do the tour in May.[br][/quote]


Has anyone else got any advise for this trip…We fligh out the 16th pf April!! Ahhh its coming around so fast I cant believe it.[br][br]Would love to hear anybody else on the APril 28th trip[br][br]Casey


Hey guys![br][br]Is anyone staying at the London Globetrotters on the 13th of April - the night before the Spirit of Europe tour on the 14th? Just wondering who will be there so I can meet people before the tour starts the next day![br][br]It’s SOO soon I can’t wait! :slight_smile: I leave in 7.5 weeks for snowboarding in Canada first, then New York, Scotland and London! [br][br]Mel


i’ll be there on the night of 13th, actually from the 11th to the 13th, and my boyfriend too… we leave in 65 days. getting very excited now! wow, you’ll be busy before the tour, that sounds great :)[br][br]steph[br][br]Spirit of Europe[br]April 14 2009[br][br]the travel bug has bit me


Hey Steph![br][br]Awesome, will be good to catch up with people the night before! Yeah it’s so soon… don’t know how I’m gonna cope with the change in weather from 35 degrees here to -5 in the snow! eek![br][br]Mel


Gosh its coming around soo fast! I am getting really excited!! We leave on the 28th of April - but are in Turkey before that for ANZAC!![br]Less than 2 months to GO!! Wahoo :slight_smile:


Hey guys! My friend and I will be going on the april 28th Spirit of Europe tour, and will be travelling around europe a little bit first. :slight_smile: