Spirit of Europe / Western spirit 4th of July 2017!


Hey guys, Just thought I’d make this topic as it would be great to catchup with anyone who will be in London before the tour begins! I’ll be spending about a week in London before hand and it’s always good to know a familiar face on the first day :blush:

Travelling from Australia, first time to Europe and im extremely excited! Hope to hear from you soon


Best of luck for your journey. Happy journey and save journey.:slight_smile:
Australia is the most beautiful and attracted place.


Hey Adam, I’ll be flying into London on the evening of the second, and I’ll be staying in the wombat hostel. It would be super cool to have someone to explore London with before the trip. so hit me up.
reply if you want my number or heres my facebook .


Yeah! I’m in London at the moment near earls court. Heading to Edinburgh on the 30th then get back for pre-accomodation on the 3rd before we head on the 4th.


If you want you guys should add me on Facebook and then I can add you to a closed group which has 35 members in it already who are all on the spirit of Europe trip


hi hou ready whit mi travell in armenia and georgia letc mi ask hou it better do contact dawid70@interia.pl


What’s ur fb adam?


Hey mate, it’s https://m.facebook.com/adam.jones.9847?ref=bookmarks


Hey Michael, I am looking into going to Edinburgh before heading back to London for the Western spirit, similar as what you did. Can you please share with me any pointers… ie accommodation recommendations, best way to travel to Edinburgh, sights to see, any tips for the Topdeck tour please? Would love to hear how your experience went… Cheers