Spirit of Europe Trip -Departing 3/8/2010


Hi All,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone has booked in for the Spirit of Europe trip deaprting on the 3/8/2010.[br][br][br]


I almost booked this tour but decided to go a week earlier.


We nearly booked on that one as well but decided to go a week later…hehe


Hi! I booked the Spirit of Europe trip departing on August 3 just last week! It is my first time to Europe and I am very excited! I am going on my own and will be in London for a few days before and after the trip.



Hey its my first time as well but my partner has been to Europe a few times.

We are getting in as well a fe days before and are staying at the Clink how about you?



Hi Shireen,

I haven’t booked a hostel yet but I don’t think I will be staying at the Clink.


There aint too much around the area which is nice, clean and cheap. We got a tripple as I have a gf coming with us so we got out own room with a ensuite.


Anyone doing the June 29 Spirit of Europe Tour?


Hey Kim,
Im on this tour also, i get into London on 29th i think, so few days to enjoy London beforehand. WIll probably stay at the topdeck hotel. Looking forward to everyone soon!