Spirit of Europe Tour


Hi guys our names are Dave and Dylan and we are from sydney Australia. We will be traveling your lovely country from october till december. We are travelling on the Spirit of Europe trip witch leaves october 11. Just thought we would post a little Hello to all. [br]Anyone who know’s or has been on this tour we would like to know what your thoughts were. also anybody going on this tour also leaves on the 11th october 2005.[br]Thanks for your time. Cheer’s. :sunglasses:


Hi guys, Me and a friend are also doing the 25 day Spirit of Europe trip leaving on 11th Oct. Should be heaps of fun. If I hear any feedback I’ll be sure to let you guys know. We are from Oz too, up at Brissi. See you guys in October.[br][br]megan


hey everyone. me and my identical twin kate are also doing the spirit of europe leaving on oct 11. we’re only 19 so this is our first trip by ourselves, so excited!!! we’re from australia too, but from the west. see you in europe!!![br]claire and kate


Hi Guys[br][br]I am also doing the Spirit of Europe tour on the 11/10. I am an Aussie and live in Sydney. This will be my first time overseas and I am really excited (my departure date seems to be taking forever to come around!). [br]I am travelling alone, so this forum is a good chance to find out who I will be travelling with.[br]Well, I look forward to meeting you all.[br]Only 6 weeks to go![br][br]Bek


Hey guys nice to hear we will be travelling with lovely people. Will be great to meet you all. We are both looking foward to travelling.[br]were both 19 from cronulla sydney. Cant wait not long to go.[br]anyone getting excited ? ?[br][br]speak soon or see ya soon Dave And Dylan :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


G’day fellow Aussies!!! I’m also travelling on the Spirit of Europe tour departing on October 11th. I am from Melbourne, but in London on a working holiday. Look forward to meeting you all soon! Regards Nath


Hey guys us again.[br]Where are you guys stayin b4 the tour starts ?? also anyone on the same flight as us we leave 08/10/ flying Golf air.[br][br]Not long now ;D[br][br]Cheerz.:sunglasses:


Hi Guys[br][br]I am staying at Wake Up London the night before the tour (and the night the tour finishes), I figured this would be the best place as it is where the tour departs from. I didn’t want to be rushing around trying to find it on the morning we leave![br][br]I am leaving Oz on the 24/09, going to do some sightseeing around London and meet some of my relatives and stuff before the tour starts.[br][br]Did everyone get the additional info documents with the optional activities etc? I got mine on Friday, it was heaps exciting![br][br]Bek


Hey Bek.[br]Good idear.[br][br]We have just booked in at the wake up london aswell as we thought the same thing as you. Nothing worse than running round london in the early hours of the morning trying to find the meeting spot.[br][br]We Recived the extra’s today looks very interesting.[br]Dont know about sky diving though :o[br]Any of the optional activities tickle your fancy ??[br][br]Counting down the days anyone ?!? 8-)[br][br]Dylan and Dave.


Hello Bek, Dave & Dylan,[br][br]I’m also staying at the Wake Up London hostel the night before the tour starts to save worrying about getting there real early on the Tuesday morning. I actually arrive back from a weekend in Barcelona that night. The optional activties look great! Anyone interested in white water rafting in Austria (if its available)?[br][br]Nath


Hey guys.[br][br]nath We have hurd nice things about Barcelona it should be great.[br]Yet a nother thing to talk about when we all finally meet.[br]We’ll give white water rafting a go though you wouldn’t wanna fall in the dip might be a bit chilli.[br][br]D & D :slight_smile:


Hi Guys[br][br]Sounds like there is going to be a good gathering of people @ Wake Up London the night before our tour![br][br]I agree, the optional activites look really good! Have to say though that I tried white water rafting @ Penrith not long ago and I hated it (I am a bit of a girl when it comes to that stuff!) so I will be giving that one a miss. I reckon the Schnapps tour in Austria and bar crawl in Berlin sounds pretty good though.[br][br]Bek


Hello to all.[br][br]Must agree with bek gotta love those Schnapps. Free samples woo hoo![br]Or even the Heineken Experience in the Netherlands.[^][br][br]Bek not long now till you leave for the UK ? Counting down the days ?? [br][br]Nath where bouts are you atm ?[br][br]D n D [br]


Hi,[br][br]I did white water rafting in NZ and rteally loved it, but depends what you like I suppose. Will definately do the Heineken brewery tour as well. Dave & Dylan, I am currently working in Twickenham (very close to Twickenham Rugby stadium) in SW London, finish up work in about 3 weeks.[br][br]Will have to catch up pre-tour for a chat.[br]Nath


Hey Dylan, Dave n Nath[br][br]Yeah, I am counting the days. 8.5 to go! Tomorrow is my last day at work so I will have a week to pack my stuff and get organised which will be really good. I can’t wait![br][br]How long have you been in London Nath?[br][br]Are you guys going to be doing some more travelling after the tour or are you heading back to Oz?[br][br]Bek[br]


Hello again to Bek And Nath.[br][br]We have no clue we are just going to do the tour and decide wat happends then. [br]We has Friends that live in holland so i would say we might stay there for a week or so after the tour.[br]Thinking about doing a tour to ireland Iv Been there b4 (Dave)and love it but yeh.[br][br]Nath we have hurd of Twickenham nice ? [br][br]Not happy were going to miss out on the melbourne cup :([br][br]Yes we would love to catch up for a drink and chat B4 the tour starts that would be great. You will have to wear a red hat so we know who u are hehe …[br][br]What Airlines are you guys travelling with?[br]Anyone know anything about Golf Air ?[br][br]Well i better get back to work …[br][br]talk to your both soon.[br][br]Dave Dylan.


Hi Guys[br][br]I’m the same as Dave and Dylan, I’m going to do some backpacking for a couple of months after our tour finishes, don’t have any plans, just gonna go with the flow. [br][br]I am flying with Qantas, haven’t heard anything about Gulf Air - sorry![br][br]Bek


Hello Bek, Dave & Dylan,[br][br]Hi Bek, I’ve been in London since April. I work in finance for a big UK construction company. Planning on going back next April and hope to get to Africa, Egypt and USA/Canada as well, but see how we are going with time and money. D&D I am thinking about going around Ireland for a week or so after the tour, I have some Irish friends who have been raving about the countryside and flights are very cheap. In fact yesterday there were return flights available for ?2 plus taxes!!! (check out www.cheapflights.co.uk) Already been to Dublin which was great…very expensive though so be prepared:) It will be strange to be missing the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup for the first time ever:( But I’m sure you guys will have a great time over here. Twickenham is one of the better places to live in London - went to the rugby a few weeks ago, great fun!!![br][br]Will have to arrange a time to meet up. I will check my flight back from Barcelona to give you my EST.[br][br]All the best, say hello to home for me.[br]Nath[br]


Hello all.[br][br]How are we ? [br][br]Nath yes i agree (Dave)Dublin is awsome i love it. to bad bout the aussie $$$ …[br][br]only a few more days till bek leaves… Looking forward to the flight?[br][br]only 22 days not like we are counting.[br][br]D N D :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi Bek, Nath, Dave and Dylan.[br][br]Thought I would join in your little chats as I am also travelling on the Spirit of Europe Tour leaving on 11 Oct, and I am also an Ozzie, from Hobart. I am also travelling alone. [br][br]I leave Hobart in 6 days (have been counting down from 50!) and go to America for 10 days before coming to London to start the tour. I am staying at the Westminster Hotel the night before our tour as thats the day I fly in from America and want at least 1 decent nights sleep! But am staying at the Wake Up the night our tour finishes. I dont have any plans after that, hoping to meet some people that want to travel around a bit more or who want to find a place to live in London? I am just taking it as it comes. Same as all you guys by the sounds of it! I have never travelled further than New Zealand before so doing this alone is a bit daunting!! You guys all sound nice though so I am sure I will be fine![br][br]How old are you all??? I am 26. I am flying Lufthansa from USA to London, anyone flown them before? [br][br]Well I had better get back to work, its my last day tomorrow so I have heaps to do before I leave!![br][br]Well am getting very excited and looking forward to meeting you all ;D