Spirit of Europe Starting May 16th 2017!


Hello!! :grinning: My name is Josh and i am from Auckland New Zealand. I have booked for this trip that I am hoping will be super amazing! I was wondering who else was going as it would be cool to talk to others who will also be attending!


Hello! Im Taylah, I’m 19 and from Australia, i will also be on this trip! Im travelling solo!!!
Super exciting and super scary!! :slight_smile:


Hi Taylah!

Awesome! its good to know someone else is on the same trip lol
Cool I am also traveling solo so yea in the same boat :slight_smile:
I will be arriving in London two days before the tour starts so im planning to go for a walk around London on the Monday.
What are your plans?


Thats awesome! I get to London on the 15th (I think) at 7:45am! I am in London for a few days after!
Message/add me on Facebook(if you have it :stuck_out_tongue:) to chat easier! :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Greg, 26yo, from Canada, I will be on this trip! I am travelling solo. I arrive in London on the 15th, at 10am. I’ll be in London for 3 days after the tour. I plan on staying at Wombats Hostel.


Hi Greg awesome! I will be arriving in London on the 14th in the evening at wombats. I won’t be staying in London afterwards tho. Have you been to London before?


Nope, this will be my first time in London. First time over seas actually!


Oh wow well this trip is going to be awesome for your first time overseas! I’ve had a few trips but really looking forward to this one for the opportunity to go all around Europe :slight_smile:


Hi guys, My name is Emey. i am from Auckland, NZ. I am also going on this trip, flying solo as well. I will be arriving in Paris on the 14th and joining you guys on the tour in Paris on the 16th. i’m also staying in London for 3 days after the tour, not sure which hostel yet. But I’m also traveling around some other countries for 3 more weeks after the tour. I’m really looking forward to it. Looking forward to meeting you guys on the tour.:slight_smile:


Hi Emey! Awesome it will be good to have another Kiwi on this trip! :slight_smile:️ and from auckland too lol. Oh cool Paris will be nice to spend extra time in! I will be staying in Amsterdam for a week and a half after the tour


Hi Josh, nice to know there will be quite a few people travelling solo, and a week in Amsterdam, thats awesome.
I just looking at a fun things to do while in europe and i found out that Bruno Mars will be touring around there at the same time and he will be in Budapest at the same time as us. So i had a chat to a topdeck consultant and she said it would be a free day in Budapest, we would be free to do anything we like, and we could be staying quite close to the concert location. Would anyone be interested to go? I had a look at the tickets and they are about 11,000 Hungarian Florint. Which comes out about $37USD or around $52 NZD. The seats might be a bit far away but it would be an experience.


Hey emey. Planning ahead awesome haha. But wow a concert in Budapest would be amazing! I’m keen as! Would we need to pre-book tickets?


Hi Josh, Lol yes i came across the concert date on Spotify, so i thought it would be such a cool thing to go to. Yes I think we would have to buy tickets in advace. Not sure if they would have any left closer to the date. But If more people are interested in going when we meet them on the tour, they can try to find some then. But If you are interested in going maybe we both can get our tickets now. I would be happy to buy the tickets (so at least we can be seated together) and you can just pay me back. Does that sound ok to you?


Well, i tried looking for tickets everywhere. They all appear to be sold out. :sob:. The only ones i could find were over $300 p/ticket. :cry:. Well maybe we can find someone trying to sell them cheap closer to the date


Hey Emey. Yea i was going to say that would be sweet and i would pay you back no worries. And then yea oh well that sucks :sob: haha i was looking forward to it!! :stuck_out_tongue: But no worries thanks for trying it would cool to do something like that! hopefully we can maybe find some tickets closer to the time if that works out :slight_smile: Hey do you wanna add me on fb or something to chat easier? If you search Josh Whyte you should see one that says electrical technician at ABB


I’m totally in on a concert or something during or after the tour! Also I will be in London for a few days after the tour. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook and chat about some plans, search Gregory James Briggs, works at Sanjel corporation, that’s me :slight_smile:



Im not on your tour but on essential europe tour…starts on 16th may in london. I’ll be in london from 14th - i booked a free walking tour takes u around to free places :slight_smile: and monday I’m going to use a london pass and travel around to some of the other places… more than happy for anyone to join me. Who knows we could end up on another tour together at some stage! Or pass you somewhere in the world :wink: if anyone is keen to head around on the monday as a group to some of the well known spots in london feel free to reply :slight_smile:


Hi there. I am also going to be arriving in London on the 14th in the late afternoon I think. I’d be keen to go for a walk around even at night it could be real cool city lights :slight_smile:️ where are you planning on going on Monday? I was thinking about wandering around London then as well.


Hi Everyone!
I’m Michaela - 19 from Australia.
This is my first time travelling solo but I am hugely excited for the trip and to meet everyone on the tour!
I’ll be joining the trip in Paris - staying at the same hostel for the night before anyway.
I’ve got a week after the trip ends to do whatever (thinking London) before I fly back home if anyone is keen to do some exploring.


Hi Michaela,
I will be joining the trip from Paris as well. I will be arriving a couple of days before the tour. But I will be at the Generator Hostel on the 16th in the morning to drop my bags off and then go exploring. If you are keen to join me, I was planning on maybe seeing Notre Dame and a couple of Art galleries. :smile: