Spirit of Europe - starting 20th July


Hi Guys

Havent seen anyone post on the forum thats going on this trip yet?
My a 30 yr old Saffa, travelling solo. Will meet at the clink at 6am on the 20th, but not staying over the night before.

Would love to hear from anyone else coming on this tour?! :slight_smile:



I think…my tour might meet up with yours! I’m on the Eastern Spirit that starts in Rome July 28th. So I’m almost certain we’ll be traveling together from Rome onward. :slight_smile:



Great to hear from u :slight_smile:

Yip, i have just worked out that the tour u are going on links up with mine, great!
Nice to be able to see someone else that will be on the tour.

Have you been to Europe before? its my first time, so looking forward to seeing everything!

See you soon:)


I’ve just been to Italy, but that was partially a trip to see family and partially a trip to explore. Rome was my favourite part so I’m excited to return! Can’t believe its coming up so soon.