Spirit of Europe September 6th-29th 2016


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Thought I’d start up a group so I can get to know some of your lovely faces before we start our trip. This will be my first big European adventure and I’m going solo, very excited but also a tiny bit nervous. Would be great if we could start up a Facebook group so we can help each other prepare for an awesome holiday. Can’t wait to meet you all!!

  • Simone xx


Hi Simone,

So glad you started this thread. This is my first trip to Europe and will be traveling with a friend. I’m sure you will make some great friendships along the way.

Andrea :slight_smile:


Hey Andrea!!
I would love to start up a little Facebook group. Feel free to add me, Simone Mckean and we can get something started. Look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Hey Simone,
Are you from Melb also? Just started a fb group.


Hey Simone :slight_smile:

This is also my first European adventure and I will be on my own so like you I am really excited but a little nervous! Would you mind if I joined the Facebook group?

Thanks, Charlotte


Hey Charlotte :smiley: of course, please do! It’s called “topdeck spirit of Europe September 6th 2016”.



I’m just gonna jump right in here! My little sister and I will be on this tour. First time to Europe from Hamilton, NZ and we can’t wait! Would love to join the fb page.

Alana :blush:


Hey Alana,
Would be great for you and your sister to join the group. Simone’s above post has the fb title listed. :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:

I’m Jacqui from Canberra and I’m going to be on this tour. This is my first trip by myself so it would be great to get to know a few of you before the tour :slight_smile:



Hey I’m from Melbourne and also going on this trip if love to be apart of the Facebook page to get to know some of you a bit more x


Hey, thats great. The group is topdeck spirit of Europe September 6th. When are you flying out?


Yeah I fly out on the 3rd but on the 6th September tour, I’ve tried finding the page but not having much luck