Spirit of europe on the 23rd june?


is anyone going on the spirit of europe tour on the 23rd of june??:)[br][br]janique


Hey :)[br]Yes, I will be on the Spirit of europe on the 23rd with my friend :slight_smile: Are you excited?[br][br]Sarah.;D


Hi, are you guys going to be staying in london before your tour?[br][br][br]Brian[br]brij75@yahoo.com[br][br]Brian Josephson


Hi Guys,[br][br]We have a facebook page for this tour :)[br][br]http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=8312&post=42063&uid=100332440475#/group.php?gid=100332440475&ref=ts[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009