Spirit of Europe October 14 Departure?


gah! everyone is on the tours around mine!![br][br]I’m not on your tour, but i hope u have a ball though! I cant wait to go!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hi there,[br][br]Myself and my partner are booked for this tour. Cant wait, so excited. We fly out in 13 weeks today!!! :o[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


I agree! We will have to keep the topic active so the rest of our tour join in.[br][br]We head off from Brisbane on 4th October to London via Tokyo.[br]Trying to work out what to pack already lol.[br][br]Looking forward to meeting you too! ARe you staying at Globetrotter the night before?[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi All![br][br]Is anyone else coming on this tour???[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


I am so excited now… travel documents have arrived, visas for the UK all approved, backpacks purchased :p[br][br]We leave in 21 sleeps! I cant believe it!!![br][br]Any one else joining us???[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi again![br][br]I just spoke with my travel agent and appar everything has turned up apart from the Topdeck paperwork… Hurray up TopDeck! I wonder how long it usually takes?[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hey![br]I’m coming!!! Im a Kiwi living in Perth at mo (4 nxt 2 wks anway) travelling solo, am getting excited now!


Hooray! I only have 5 days of work left now… crazy :slight_smile: We are in the middle of packing up our house, finishing work and selling cars.[br][br]But I just kept telling myself the whole time in 4 weeks I will be in Paris![br][br]How are you guys going for prep?[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


hi guys. i just did this tour. you will have the time of your lives. hve lots of camera memory. i just put 660 photos in to be printed.


Hi![br][br]I cant wait… any tips from your trip ally?[br]Much time to do washing? Trying to work out how many shirts and socks to bring ;)[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi Guys ,[br]Im going on this tour with my brother and his wife .[br]We leave next Friday !! [br]Cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hooray! We leave Saturday as well… 6 sleeps to go :)[br][br]This time in 3 weeks we will be in Vienna![br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008