Spirit of Europe October 10-November 2 2017


Hey guys!
I was hoping to find somebody else who is going on this?!
I am unsure whether to book it by myself, as flying scares the hell out of me haha.
I have never traveled internationally alone before and was hoping to find somebody I may be able to fly with?!
I would be leaving from Melbourne :smile:


Hi :slight_smile: I’m doing my 1st real os trip solo(yay for 1st stamp on passport lol) im a frequent flyer for work(travel east to west 2 to 3 times a mth one way around 6hrs of flying) but never such long haul flight like what I’m about to endure lol. I’m doing the Essential Europe departs London on 16th may. I’m leaving melb on sat 13th :slight_smile:


I’ve booked the trip that leaves on the 2nd of November and this is my first overseas trip too! I would be flying from Melbourne aswell! :sweat_smile::grinning:


Hi! Does it leave from Melbourne on the 2nd of November? I cannot seem to find that trip online! :frowning:
Is it the same trip?
Are you possibly able to email me? liiiisha@hotmail.com


Aw no, I thought I had finally found someone going on my trip! I’m going on the one before it which starts on the 3rd of October :slight_smile:


Aw no! I have not had any luck either :frowning:
Have you already booked your trip? You can find friends on the app x


i’m doing this trip solo and coming from Perth :smile:


On the same dates?! Yaay!


yeah the 10th oct to 2nd nov :slight_smile: I’m so excited!!


Yep. I didn’t even know there was an app. I shall look into it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Elisha! I just booked the trip just then! I’ll be heading out from Melbourne too! Unsure what actual date I’ll be flying yet, thinking a couple of days before the trip starts? Let me know and we can book them together, as I’m in the same boat as you with travelling internationally alone haha!