Spirit of Europe - May31-June23


Is anyone here signed up for the Spirit of Europe trip that leaves from London on May 31? I’ve put down the deposit already and plan on paying in full today or tomorow. Just wondering if there’s anyone who’s already signed up!


Hey yea I am going on that trip :slight_smile:


I’m so excited! Where are you from? I’m from Chicago.


Nice, I’m from Perth Western Australia. Are you staying in London for a while before or after?


I’ll be getting to London on May 26 or 27 and then I was planning to stay in Amsterdam after the tour through June 27. How about you?


I am getting in to London on the 29th May and then staying in London after the tour until the 27th of June :slight_smile: where are you staying when you first get to London?


My former nanny lives in London now so I’ll be staying w her. How about you? We should definitely meet up when you get in!


Nice, I will be staying at wombats hostel when I get there :slight_smile: and yea we should definitely catch up, what’s your name and I will add you in Facebook?


I think I’ll probably stay there the night before we leave because we have to be out so early. Talia Shalen, add me!


Hi guys! I’m also booked to go on that tour. Getting excited?! It’s so close now


Yes, so excited! Where are you from? And when are you getting to London?


I’m from South Australia. I’m actually joining the tour in Paris so will be in Paris from the 27th. Bit nervous about missing all the introductions!


I leave for London tomorrow! See you guys sooooooon!


How exciting leaving for London already, your lucky haha! I am getting excited now it’s getting so close.


I set up a Facebook group :grinning: https://www.facebook.com/groups/263950157290897/