Spirit of Europe May 30th 2017


Hi guys! Just wondering who is going to be on this tour in 2017? Would be great to meet people before arriving! I’m travelling solo from New Zealand and will be travelling around other places in Europe after the Topdeck if anyone is keen to join! Cheers, Sam


Hi Sam!
I just booked this tour today! I haven’t really decided what I’m doing before or after. I might just explore a little before I leave. I live in Brisbane in Australia


Hi Hannah! Oh that’s awesome, it should be a great trip! Exciting times ahead!


Hi Sam! I will also be on this tour and am from NZ as well :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone, I’m coming from Canada as a first time traveller. Excited to meet you all!


Add me to Facebook, I’ll be in London a few days beforehand, https://www.facebook.com/hanrochelee :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I’ll also be on this tour :slight_smile: and be in London a few days before as well Hannah


Hey guys, me and my boyfriend Matt are coming from Australia for this tour. Looking forward to meeting all of you :blush: