Spirit of Europe May 28th to June 20th


Hi there,

I am a New Zealander travelling solo on this tour. Who else is going? Would like to get to know some people before we leave.




I am going on this trip too! I am surprised that not many people have posted here though…?

Are you guys staying at the clink the night before?


Hey!! I’ve just booked onto this tour :slight_smile:
Doing it solo too. I am staying at the clink on the monday night, hopefully getting to London at 5ish.
Look forward to meeting you guys!!



I’m doing this trip solo as well - arriving in London on the 24th and staying at the clink.
Is anybody else going to be in London a few days earlier? Woud love to have somebody to go out with!

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hi guys!

My friend is now coming and we are both staying at the clink the Monday night. Looking forward to meeting you all. Not long now! 😃



Hey guys,

I’m doing the 9 day Western Spirit tour which is the first part of this tour. I’ll be arriving in London the morning of May 26 if anyone wants to meet up. They were booked up at Clink, so I’m staying at the Generator Hostel, which is about a 10 minute walk from Clink.



Hi Guys!

I am doing this trip solo now as well.

Do any of you know someone who would be interested in attending this tour? A friend was meant to attend with me but due to some unforeseen circumstances he can no longer attend.

I had already purchased the tour so am looking for someone who wouldn’t mind paying the cost of the tour or less!



Hey Guys,

Also travelling solo and staying at Clink on the Monday - be keen to meet up with anyone else going on the tour that Monday. I arrive at 11am into London, so could meet late afternoon?

Helen :slight_smile:


Not long to go now guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’ve started to pack a few things, but I’m struggling with what clothes to take and how much. European weather is a bit unpredictable, might snow one day and be red hot the next lol.
I am going to be arriving at the clink Friday at around 5pm so hopefully will bump into some of you.