Spirit Of Europe - May 12th 2009 Tour


Hi People,[br][br]I’m doing the Spirit Of Europe Tour in May 2009. I’m on the 12th May departure. Was wondering if there is anyone going on this exact tour?[br][br]I am going on this tour on my own. It’s the first time I have gone overseas byself, so I am a little scared and nervous.[br][br]I’m going away for just under 6 weeks. I’m doing the Europe tour and then doing about 2 weeks in London and then 4 days in Dubai on my way home back to Australia.[br][br]If there’s anyone that wants to share their experience with me, I wouldn’t mind knowing about them. If there is anyone doing this same tour at the sametime as I, I wouldn;t mind hearing from you either.[br][br]If theres anyone thinking of going and is Australia and wants to travel with someone, then here I am ;-). I’m all booked and paid but we could add you on ;-)[br][br]An y tips or suggestions would be appreciated as well.[br][br]Cheers[br]Craig - Sydney Australia