Spirit of Europe - June 24 - anyone?


Just wanted to check if there was anyone coming on this particular tour?? I asked a while ago but got no response - surely someone is coming?? lol Either way - I’m excited!!! :slight_smile:


Hey, [br][br]Sorry, I’m going on the July 1 tour, which is a shame. I’ve asked if anyone is coming on that one, but to very little response as well.[br][br]But, still should be great fun. Hope you enjoy it. :)[br][br]Catch you on the flipside[br][br]:slight_smile: Azz


Sorry JessnKate, I’m not on your tour either but I’m sure you’ll find some people that are! I was just wondering azzharley, is it an Australian thing to see catch you on the flipside? I’ve noticed a few australians on here that say it ;D[br][br]Kels


Hey khejjas,[br][br]“Catch you on the flipside”? I’m not really sure whether its an aussie thing or not. I thought i was pretty much the only one i know that says it, and i just use it as my signature on this site. I actually got it from a movie called “boondock saints”, so its not even that original.[br][br]But, i’d be interest to see where anyone else who says it got it from.[br][br]BTW khejjas, where abouts are you from, if you are not from aus?[br][br]Catch you on the flipside[br][br]:slight_smile: Azz


I’m from Canada and no one that I know says it… accept my sister and god knows where she picked it up from! though i have seen a few ppl on here use it, so who knows! I’m curious though! I’m going to have to look into this movie :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi JessnKate i’m goin on the same tour as u… yay! where are u from? i’m from perth[br]R u stayin in London before or after the tour? i’m there for about 5 days after, stayin at the Genarator and i want someone to go clubbin with lol[br]talk to u soon x


BOONDOCK SAINTS! Excellent movie![br]Almost surprised that you haven’t heard people say “catch you on the flipside” in Canada, because just about everyone I know knows that saying! lol. The boondock saints was a huge cult favourite when I was in Uni. Maybe it’s a province thing, or uni students have sadly stopped passing this movie on to others.


Hey Cottees! [br][br]Finally, someon else who is on the same tour as us! lol Never thought it was going to happen! We actually live in London, have both been here for a little while now, but originally from Melbourne. I’m sure you’ll meet plenty of people in London to go clubbing with anyway!!! :slight_smile:


Hi JessnKate and Cottees![br][br]I’m going on this tour with a friend. We’re both from Townsville…and can’t wait![br][br]Look forward to meeting you both :slight_smile:


Hey Emzy![br][br]Glad to see there’s another one on board! So very excited - everything paid off now, makes it seem a bit more real!! This your first Europe trip, or you been over before?[br][br]Jess