Spirit of Europe (June 21, 2016)


Hi Everyone,

I will be taking my first international solo trip, and I was curious if anyone else has signed up for this trip. Please let me know! :smile:



Hey Nicole,
I am also booked on the spirit of Europe 21/06/16 for a solo trip and so excited!
I am from Melbourne where are you travelling from?


Hi Olivia,

I’m traveling from California, USA. Have you traveled in Europe before? I’m very excited, but have no idea what to expect!



Hey Nicole,

No I haven’t been to Europe so it will be my first time too but I have travelled a bit internationally, so I thought a topdeck would be the way to go solo! I arrive in London 2 days before we leave and will stay at the wombat where I think the tour departs from to find my feet and hopefully meet some others going on our trip! Would be lovely to meet up with you if you have any similar plans :slight_smile:



Hi guys :smile:

I’m also booked on the spirit of Europe leaving on 21st June :smile: excited to get going now, I’ve done a Topdeck in Europe before and they’re a brilliant way to meet new people, I’ve been to Sydney twice now to see friends I met on my last one :smile:
My names Rachel and I’m 21, also travelling solo and leaving from Perth Western Australia :smile: I’m meeting the group in Paris so can’t meet up in London beforehand but if you see this feel free to add me on fb or whatever and we can chat before the tour :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you both!


Hi ladies, I will be there one day before the trip starts, so we should explore London! Glad to meet some girls going on the trip. :smile:



Hey Guys,

Great to hear that you have done this before Rachel and had such a great time! Have you been to any of the places we are heading in your last tour? I am 20 and from Melbourne Australia, so good to hear there are people going solo, I was worried it would be all couples and groups! Nicole would love a day to explore… Cant wait for it all to start!



Hello :slight_smile: My friend Amy and I have booked the Eastern Spirit trip that joins onto this trip in Rome! We are both from the Gold Coast, Australia (no no, not typical gold coast girls) 23 and 24 years old! Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone! I booked the Western Spirit trip which I think is part of your tour for 9 days. I’m also traveling solo for the first time, from the USA, originally from California but now live in Texas. I get to London on the 20th and would love to check out the city with anyone who is around before the start of the trip! I’m staying at Wombats hostel. Can’t wait to meet all of you :slight_smile:



Hey Girls,

Great to hear from more travellers, it’s only a little bit more than 3 weeks now till we head off so getting excited! Would love to meet up with anyone hanging around the wombat in the few days leading up to the trip! Feel free to add me on Facebook it’s Olivia Robinson (I’m sure there is lots of us with the name so may have to add Melbourne or Swinburne into the search engine)

Look forward to meeting you all!


Hi Olivia! I tried to find you on facebook. You were right, there were lots of Olivia Robinsons. Hopefully I found the right one. If not, I’m Monique Payton Houston. The picture is of my feet and a baby goat. :slight_smile: