Spirit of Europe- July 5th-28th


Hey! Just trying to find other people who are going to be on this tour :slight_smile:


Hi Holly,

I’ll be on this tour :smile:

Currently trying to research all of the optional activities and budget accordingly.

Getting excited!



Haha yeah same I just work at a café part time so I want to choose all the activities pretty carefully. Are you planning on staying in Europe before of after the trip or just the 24 days?


Hey Holly! I am going on this tour as well as a friend of mine!


Ahh so exciting! I tried to find people to go with me but its tricky with work and uni and everything


Hey guys,
I’m coming too :smiley: All of the extra activities look so amazing, it’s hard choosing which ones to do :confused:
How do you feel about skydiving? It would definitely be the highlight of my trip :smiley:


I wont be going skydiving cause I’m terrified of height but I’m up for pretty much any of the others haha. Where are you guys all from?


Hey Holly, Hannah and Jordana!

My boyfriend Aaron (aged 24) and I (aged 21) are from Auckland and we will be on this tour! We are SO EXCITED!

We are flying into London on 28th of June before the trip begins and will be flying out on the 1st of August. Really looking forward to meeting you all and make some awesome memories!
Who else is staying at Wombats the night before? Would be great to meet up for a drink!


Hey guys! I’m Jess and I’m traveling solo for the tour :slight_smile:

I’m going to be in London for a couple weeks before the tour and also staying at the Wombats hostel the night before so would love to catch up for a drink.

Feel free to add me on facebook (Jess Rowlands) if you want to chat! :slight_smile:


I’m staying at wombats before the trip it’d be great to meet everyone then :slight_smile:


Hello again everyone! My friend Hadley and I are from just south of Toronto, Ontario, Canada! We are coming in to London a night early but aren’t staying at Wombats for the night. We are also spending extra time in London after the trip! We are very excited for the trip this Summer and to meet everyone!


Hi guys!

I’m Amy. I’ll be doing this tour with my brothers Michael and Philip. We’re from Sydney (originally from Dunedin, New Zealand).

Only two months to go! Really looking forward to the tour and to meeting everyone!



Hey Guys,
I’m from Sydney and will be staying at Wombats two nights before the trip and then will also be in London for the week after our tour :smile:
I think it’s a great idea to meet up for a drink the night before and can’t wait to meet you all :smiley:

And Amy, when are you flying? We may be travelling together!



Hey Victoria,

We’re actually flying into London a week before the trip and staying at a place we booked through Airbnb which is about 5 kms from Wombats.

Are you travelling solo or with others? So far it seems a pretty even mix.



I’m all by myself for this trip! A bit nervous but I’m sure we’ll all be great friends pretty quickly :smiley:
I fly in a few days before and am staying at my brothers flat and then Wombats. After we get back I’m going to a different hostel and flying home the 2nd.


Hey would anyone be interested in seeing Beyonce perform at Wembley on Sun 3 July with me??


Hey Im staying in London for 3 days after the tour. I’m flying in from Sydney the day before


Hey everyone, this is going to be my first trip overseas! im from Sydney australia and doing this solo. moving to london june 1 for my work visa, so figured i would book a tour to see europe before i try to settle in! My friend Claire who lives in bristol is on a budget so i had to go solo for this trip, anybody else going alone? looking forward to the tour and meeting you all!



Does anybody know when we should be getting our detailed itineraries for this tour? I’d like to know approximate times we will be arriving/leaving certain countries and what times optional tours are so I can plan ahead.



Hi Everyone! :smile:
I’m Emily & travelling with a friend for this trip! Also from Sydney, Australia! See you in 35 days!