Spirit of Europe - July 3rd - 26th 2016



Luke from Perth here, just signed up for this one, whose joining me ? :smile:


Hey Luke, Konrad her from Perth also, I’m also doing this trip but later in the year. ( 30th August to the 22nd September)


Heya! I’m joining :slight_smile: I’m from Auckland NZ - you excited?


Hey guys,

Katrina and Aaron from Auckland, NZ here! We are on the 5th-28th trip so will just miss you.
Might see you guys around if you’re staying before/after


Heya, I’m on this one as well :smiley: Also from Perth… not long now!!


Hey :grinning:
I’m Erin from Melbourne
I’ll be joining you guys on the 3rd! Can’t wait!


less than a month to go guys! I’ve made a private Facebook group so we can share photos and make it easier to meet up in London before hand if anyone is keen :smile:



Just joined :grinning:
When do you arrive in London?


Hey Erin! I’m meeting up with the tour in Paris in the arvo… flying into Paris on the morning of the 3rd… hopefully won’t be shattered! haha!!


Ah good as! Haha nah it should be fine :blush:
So excited!