Spirit of Europe July 3rd 2012


Anybody from Australia doing the Spirit of Europe tour on July 3rd? I’m going to be booking my trip on Wednesday and I’m so excited! First time overseas and I’m going to be on my own =)


Im also doing that trip. Im 21, from Newcastle and going solo.
Going to be an awesome trip :slight_smile:


Im also doing the trip solo :slight_smile: Im nervous as well!! Im 21, from Sydney.
Are you going to be in London before the trip starts? :slight_smile:


I’m going to be in London staying at the Clink78 from the 29th till the start of the trip :smiley: I’m 26 and from Hobart, but I’ll be leaving from Sydney on a 4:10pm flight on the 29th :slight_smile: I’ll also be staying in London a couple of days after the tour.



I’m planning on booking for the Clink78 from the 30th to the start of the tour and then stay there a night or two after the tour as well.
Did you see on their website there is a free walking tour around London? Great idea i reckon.



Ill be staying at the Clink78 as well from the 29th June i think until the tour starts :slight_smile:


@hayley: I saw. I think I’m going to go on one if I manage to sleep on the flight over. My plane lands at 6am so a walking tour would be a great way to start the day, especially after almost 14 hours straight of sitting down!

@jessica: We should meet up :smiley:


Have you two booked your flights yet? Im still undecided when i’m going to get there and when im coming back.
If you want to add me on fb my email is hayley-fisher@hotmail.com (not very original, i know lol)


I’ve booked mine. I have a four hour wait after my flight from Hobart but I leave Sydney at 4:10pm on the 29th of June and leave London at 9pm on the 29th of July.


yeah i have booked my flights but im going to be leaving from america because ill be there on holidays with my family so ill fly into london from lax on the 29th june and i fly home the day after we get back from the tour.

Hayley-i tried to add you on facebook did you get my request?

what will you guys be doing around london beforehand??


Hey Jess i havent received a request from you, did you want to try again or if you want you can email me your details and i’ll try adding you?
Not sure exactly what i want to do beforehand. I’m thinking maybe the free walking tour, camden markets and would love to go to London Dungeon again, so much fun. Have you got any ideas yet?
I’ll be getting to London on the 26th June and stay with family till the 29th and then book into the Clink78 so i’ll be closer to the centre of London to explore it more and meet people on our Tour.


I’m looking to going to the London Zoo beforehand, maybe on my second day since I’ll probably be doing the walking tour the first day if I can keep my eyes awake.


/bumps this


Hi guys, I’m doing this trip too!! :slight_smile:
I’m 29 from Sydney, first time travelling solo, VERY EXCITED!! Can’t wait!!


Hey there :3 it’s my first time travelling solo too, and I’m super excited as well! Counting down the weeks, heheh.

What flight are you catching over, Jo?


Hey, I’m flying Emirates on the 25th June for a 2 day stop over in Dubai then onto London to catch up with a couple of friends living over there for a few days before the tour starts.
What about you? Are you heading straight home after the tour?


Scrap that, just saw your earlier post…I see you’re heading home on the 29th July…


Yeah, although I’m staying at Clink for three days before and after :3 I was thinking about going to Disneyland Paris one of the days but I might just do one of their day tours on both sides of the trip if I can afford it!


Hey guys I’m also going on this trip :slight_smile:
My name’s Alex, I’m 19, from Sydney and I’m going with a friend
Going to be in London a few days prior not sure where we’re staying


Hey there, Alex! The more the merrier as they say :3

I started making lists last night. 21 weeks and six days till take off :smiley: