Spirit of Europe July 13th- Aug 5th


Hey my names Sarah, three of my friends (Jiffy, Simon and Jess) and I are going on the Spirit of Europe tour from July 13th- Aug 5th. The four of us are from Adelaide and aged between 20-23. Its my friends first time out of Australia and we are all very excited :smiley: We are all staying at the Clink pre and post tour and I was wondering if anyone else is going on the same tour.
I posted this at the begining of december but got no reply so im asking again if anyone else is going on the July 13th- Aug 5th Spirit of europe tour?
Hope to hear from someone :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Sarah
I’m on this tour. My name is Donna. Just turned 24 from Melbourne. This is my first trip to Europe. I’m solo on the tour. I join when it arrives in Paris as I am spending a few days in Paris beforehand. I meet everyone at 5pm on 13th.
Look forward to meeting you and the girl


Hey hey,
I’m on this tour with my friend as well. we’re both 18 from Sydney. We’re meeting up with the group also in Paris, Donna.
See you all soon :slight_smile:



I’m Chris and Ill be on this trip also.

I’ll be arriving the day before and staying at the Clink.

Looking forward to the trip.

See you all in London!!