Spirit of Europe - July 12-Aug. 4 2016


Hi Everyone - My husband and I are booked on this tour for next summer and we are so excited to finally see & do Europe? Who else is coming on this one? It would be nice to connect before we start!


My friend and I are booked on this same tour! Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Awesome - we are from Canada where are you from?


Also from Canada! Looking to fly out of either Ottawa or MTL.


Hey! My friend and i are doing this tour. Were from Australia :slight_smile: cant wait!!!


Hello! This is so neat how we are “meeting” each other before hand - would anyone be willing to join a group on Facebook? I will make it today and title it “Topdeck Summer 2016 - Spirit of Europe Tour” my husband and I are from Vancouver Canada


Hey guys I just booked this trip! :laughing: I’m doing it alone so I would be nice to meet some of yall before we start. Im an Aussie living in London