Spirit of europe/greek island hopper


hi, [br]just wondering if who else is going on the Spirit of Europe leaving 25th April? and the greek island hopper on the 10th June?[br][br]


Hi Katie_Girl[br][br]I am looking at doing the Greek Island Hopper on that date. Are you in Brissie? Are you travelling solo as well?


hi, i’m from melbourne! Yeah travelling on my own. Assuming you’re from brissie. [br]Can’t wait, hope we have perfect weather![br]


Yes I am in Brissie. :). I booked the tour and flights yesterday. I am looking forward to it too. I leave next month for overseas. I have another tour for 3 weeks booked with a different company before the Greek Islands Trip. Have you booked your flights to Athens or doing any other tours?[br][br]


yeah all booked, leaving on the 21st April. Doing the spirit of europe tour for 25 days. The edinburgh trip afterwards then flying to athens the 9th June for our tour. Afterwards flying to ireland and then back to london & paris then off to new york, canada and LA.[br]What other plans do you have?


Wow your trip sounds amazing :slight_smile: I fly out on 11 May for a 21 day tour around Europe. Back to London for a week. Might go to Ireland or Scotland for a few days. Then I fly into Athens on the 10th for our tour. After the tour I have about 3-4 days back in London then fly home to go back to work two days later. [br]Have you been overseas before?


hi again, yeah i’ve been overseas a few times. Been to fiji, hawaii and england for a couple of weeks each. Nothing like this and especially not on my own. Getting a little more exciting this week! Trying to get organised. Have you done a lot of travelling?


Hello[br]Not long till you depart now. You must be so excited :). I have less than a month now too. [br]I have been to Fiji as well. Loved it there. I have also been to Japan, England, Paris & a bit of Italy and Switzerland.[br]Looking forward to the trip. It is coming around fast.