Spirit of Europe departing Oct 2nd, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Getting really excited to go on this trip, first time overseas for both myself and my mate Kristy that is coming with me.

Anyone else also going on this tour? Would love to hear from you.



Hey fellow tour mates, yes I’m doing this tour as well. Second time to Europe, but first time travelling on a tour. Plan is to visit Munich (for Oktoberfest) for a few days before starting the tour, and then perhaps unwind for a few days in Zurich or London before I head back home.

Hope to see you guys there!


Hey Louis,

Going to Oktoberfest before starting the tour?! That’s crazy! Kristy and I will be unwinding for a couple of days in London once the tour has finished. Will you be staying at the Clink Hostel before or after the tour?


Hey Sarah,

I’m definitely staying at Clink 78 the night before the tour. I’ve decided to explore London after the tour, so if there’s room at Clink I’ll try and stay there too. Do you and your friend have any particular plans while in London? Me personally, I’ll do a city tour to see all the usual places but I also really want to visit Stonehenge. And of course, hit up the clubs at night :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to Oktoberfest! I’m searching the internet for lederhosen and a goat fur hat :smiley:


Hey Louis,

We’ve got two nights before the tour then four nights after the tour staying at Clink 78. No particular plans as of yet what we’ll do once the tour finishes but I’m sure we’ll be wanting to see a few more places around London and jam pack as much as we possible can in those few days. Stonehenge would be nice to visit. Oh yes I cannot wait for the clubs and the nightlife experience of overseas! :slight_smile:

I think you’re able to buy all that while you are at Oktoberfest if you can’t find what you are looking for on the net.


Hey Sarah,

Just booked my accomodation at Clink and I’ve found a good lederhosen set on ebay so it looks like I’m all set! The travel agent told me the Topdeck pre-departure documents will arrive soon, less then two months to go now.

Is there any particular place on the tour you’re looking forward to seeing? I’m really looking forward to visiting Budapest, many of my mates have raved about it. And I’m also looking forward to visiting Prague again, got many awesome memories of that place!


Hi Guys!
I too will be joining this trip. First time to Europe and will be going solo…
I will be staying at the link a few days before the tour and also after…

Definately getting excited ;D


Hey Louis,

That’s awesome! I can’t wait for all the pre-departure documents to arrive, makes everything feel more real. I’ve had a countdown for this trip going for months! Hahaha needless to say I’m a tad excited! No particular place that I’m looking forward to see, all the places will be an eye opener and great experience.

Hey Alannah!

Great to hear from someone else going on this trip! We will all have to catch up before the trip gets started. How old are you? Kristy and I are both 20.


Hey Sarah,

My travel agent told me today that the documents should start arriving next week. Hopefully that fuels your fire! I like your enthusiam, I think you (and your friend of course) will make great travel mates. Have you seen the optional activities? If it wasn’t for my fear of falling I’d try the skydiving in Switzerland :stuck_out_tongue: I also asked my travel agent how many people are on our tour, she told me we have 35 already (out of a maximum of 50). Hope we get into contact with the others too!

Hi Alannah,

Nice to hear from you! Any particular place on the tour you’re really looking forward to? And it’s cool that you’re going to stick around in London, it’s a great city to unwind in after a crazy awesome tour like the one we’re going to have.


Hi Sarah,

I will be turning 21 the week before we leave so am planning to still be celebrating over there :stuck_out_tongue:
When do you leave Aus? Definately keen for catching up with people before the trip! And I am also keen on getting the papers to make it more realy have been wanting to go for EVER!!

Hi Louis,

Not too sure which would be the place most excited, probably france (Paris) and Italy… But Europe itself has always been appealing to me so I am sure I will enjoy everywhere!!

Have either of you guys decided on any optionals that you may be doing? I can’t believe how fast time is going. Not long now and we will be on that bus! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m definitely going to do the Jungrau excursion in Lauterbrunnen (Swiss Alps). It’s pricey but my friends who have done Topdeck/Contiki tours have all recommended going up the Jungfrau. I’ve also thought of other things to do (not necessarily optional tours). For example, I’ve always wanted to watch a show at the Moulin Rouge. And I’ve been looking at suit hire stores in the French Riviera, because I want to hit up Monte Carlo Casino at night!

I got my Topdeck papers yesterday, have you guys recieved yours? It feels official now! I’ve looked at the accomodation we’re supposed to be staying at and they look pretty good too.


Hey Alannah,

That’s awesome, what a great way to celebrate your birthday!! I leave Australia very early Sunday morning (30th September) and land in London on the same day but late in the afternoon. When are you leaving Australia?

The only optional activity I’m determined to do is the sky dive over the Swiss Alps. Everything else that’s offered to us I’ll make up my mind on the day. Just getting my money sorted for the sky dive so that I can have it with me, as the money card that I’ll be using doesn’t allow for Swiss Franc. Also some of the local money so that I can see what it all looks like before I get over there.

I haven’t received my papers yet, hopefully they come within the next week or so!


Your brave doing sky diving. I may look into that but might make up my mind on the day :stuck_out_tongue:
I leave Aus late friday night on the 28th Sept so spend a few days in london before hand…
I also have to start shorting out those kinds of things, it is starting to creep up really quick!
The biggest thing is going to be packing! :wink: haha


The days are going so quick! Before we know it we will be in London! Yeah I’m not a very good packer (usually pack too much) so I’ll have a fair bit of time trying to pack necessities not things that I think I ‘may’ need haha.

Hey Louis,
Did your TopDeck papers get emailed to you or by snail mail? I hope it doesn’t take too long for Kristy and I to get ours if you have already received yours.


Hey Sarah,

I recieved my papers through my travel agent, who got them via email. So if you booked by agent they should have it by now (I booked through Student Flights, for the record). If you and Kristy did it yourselves then I’d check your email - maybe it was accidentally sent to the junk folder? And you should take a look at the links on the Spirit of Europe tour page, as the papers don’t include the pre-departure information/optional excursions.

Hey Alannah,

You’re flying off on the 28th as well? I am too, but from Sydney. Can’t wait to give Emirates a try - no cheap airlines this time!


Thanks for that Louis! I’ve checked my junk folder but nothing in there. I might send a quick email through to the lady that helped me swap onto this tour (our first option we picked got cancelled due to lack of numbers, that was a little stressful to say the least). Yep I’ve already read through and printed off the pre-departure information and optional excursions sheets :slight_smile:


Hi Louis,

Yep flying out after work… Will u be stayin at the clink from when you arrive?

Hi Sarah,

I too havent heard anything from my travel agent regarding my paper work… so your not alone. hopefully I will be getting that soon.
I mesured my big suitcase over the weekend and it fits the requirements which is a relief… So I should be able to pack ok, we hope :\ haha


Hey Alannah,

Just send a quick email through and you should receive yours, I got mine last night after I emailed Topdeck :slight_smile: It is awesome, I’m getting distracted at work looking at all the places we will be staying at. I’ll have to borrow a suitcase from my parents because mine seems to weigh a bit with nothing in it, and I want to do a fair bit of shopping while I’m away ;D


Hey Alannah,

Actually my first stop is Munich for Oktoberfest. I arrive in Clink on the 1st, you’ll most likely see me drag myself through the front door that evening in my lederhosen.

I’d pester your agent for your Topdeck papers. You should have them by now, but if it’s any consolation it’s not much different to the intinerary sheet on the Spirit of Europe page. The only difference is that it lists down the accomodation we’re staying at.

Only thing left now is to get insurance and print the policy out!


Hey Everyone!

I just booked the Spirit of Europe tour departing Oct. 2. I’m super excited and looking forward to meeting all of you! :slight_smile: