Spirit of Europe Departing June 27th 2017 from London or Paris


Hey fellow travellers!!

My names Jade & i’m from Melbourne Australia.
I’ll be joining this tour from Paris…Hoping there are plenty of others also on the trip…I’m so excited for the trip and all the awesome memories that will be created.



Hi jade, what date does your tour finish in London??


Hi @Bree007 I believe it finishes up in London on July 20th or 21st but I’m staying on in London for a further few days after that. :slight_smile:


This would be a good option for me and my husband, will check for the details.


Hi Jade! Im Talisha and myself and 3 friends will also be on this trip. We are all from Townsville Australia. Im so excited for this holiday even though it is still another 9 months away :frowning: But cant wait to meet you! :slight_smile:


Hi Talisha!! Look forward to meeting u guys,going to be an incredible trip…Good the aussies are well represented as im from Melbourne & i know there is another girl from Melbourne. Are you guys starting the trip in London or Paris?im starting in Paris & doing a few extra days there & same with London at the end .Downloaded the topdeck mobile app & put in our trip number cos there is a group chat option on there.


We’re all flying from Brisbane to Singapore and we will stay their for one night and then we will reach London on the 23rd I’m pretty sure it is and staying at the Topdeck hotel that’s in London for those extra days. So excited to explore London😍& Haha funny enough I downloaded it just last night and I’m pretty sure it was you that responded to my message in it


Hey I’m from Perth and just booked the trip and got the second last spot. Cannot wait!! :))


That’s awesome Tash…so excited!!you starting in London or Paris?Look forward to meeting you. Im starting in Paris and doing a few extra days and same with London at the end.


Im starting in London and hoping to do some more travel around Europe after :slight_smile: