Spirit of Europe departing 25th April


Just wondering if there are any other people planning on going on the spirit of europe trip on the 25th April.[br]I just booked mine today! I’m soooo excited!:)[br]Let me know who you are[br][br]Catcha[br][br]Kate


Hi Kate,[br][br]I have just paid for my Spirit of Europe trip next year with my wife Aiya and we will be on the 25th of April tour. We are also going on the minibreak to Edinburgh before that which should be good. Everyday at work just seems to drag on until we leave for our 6 week holiday.[br][br]Cya[br][br]Steven


Hi Steven and Kate,[br][br]Im also doin the Spirit of Europe trip, but mine leaves June 20. It should be excellent, im getting so excited. Where are you guys from??[br][br]Mal[br][br]btw it would be nice to get to know some people who are also coming along on the June 18 trip. so yeah, come say hi


hahaha I meant to say June 20 trip!!![br]I have June 18 programmed into my head because thats the day i leave for London… YAY!!!;D[br][br]Catcha later[br][br]Mal


Hooray, finished work today and leave for London on Wednesday 12/04/06 flying Emirates. Have everything packed and ready to go. Seen a show on Discovery Channel tonite about the catacombs in Paris and Rome and also the ghost tours in Edinburgh. We are so keen for this trip. The only bummer is i am winning the footy tipping and had to submit 7 weeks in advance (i might struggle now). Oh well bring it on Spirit of Europe.