Spirit of Europe - Depart 7th May 2013


Hey. My girlfriend and I booked this tour last weekend, got it cheap through expo day. She is SUPER excited. Just looking for more people who have booked this tour.
I am doing Gallipoli and Queens Day before hand and picking the missus up on the 5th May in London. We are both staying at Clink the two days before, but I will be in and out of there during the previous week.

I did the Winter Spirit in March this year with a mate, pretty much the same tour as this one. BLOODY AWESOME TOUR, you are all in for a great time. So get excited, and get knowing everyone before hand, trust me, it helps.

We are from North West Sydney if anyone is in that general area and wants to meet up before the tour…

Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hey Warwick.

My name is Courtney. I’ve booked this tour for this date. Yay! Super excited. I’m travelling by myself though so I need as many friends as I can get. :smiley: I’m from Melbourne though. Look forward to meeting you.


You’re gonna have so much fun…
I just got back from a weekend with 3 girls from my previous tour. Still as fun as ever…
You will make a lot of friends on the tour, so don’t worry…

Anything you need to know??


Hi I’m from to Guadalajara ,Mexico And I’m will go to the trip on 7may … I so excited too it’s my firts time in Europe ;))


I arrive to London one day before , I’m Will stay in clink 78 …


I’m Catherine, I’m on this tour and I’m from Adelaide, I’m in Europe for all of May and June though. So excited but also pretty nervous - I’m doing the tour by myself as well. So excited to meet everyone though!


Hi Guys and Girls.
I’m Lauren the partner of Warwick. Can’t wait for the tour to start, is anyone in London a few days before hand?