Spirit Of Europe august 2017


Hey, my name is Laura, I’m 20years old and seriously considering doing the Spirit of Europe tour in late August some time next year. I was just wondering if anyone else is thinking of dong the same tour? As i am jumping way out of my comfort zone and traveling solo. :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m Nick (21) . I’m also planning on doing this tour in late August (hopefully), and I’m also most likely traveling solo


Hey Nick! Where are you travelling form? So great to know others are in the same boat! woo!


I know right!! and I’m travelling from Sydney. How about you?


Adelaide! :slight_smile:


nice! :slight_smile: so have you booked your trip yet? Also you can message me if you like 0437084812


hi guys! I found this thread - and wanted to join in! I am also planning on doing Spirit of Europe in august of 2017! This will be my second time on a top deck trip! I did one is Australia last year and i went on my own and had the BEST time. met amazing people who i still keep in touch with daily!

I’m from Canada, so will be coming straight from Toronto! Hopefully all of this works out for all of us!! It will be my first time in Europe, so I am super excited.


Hey Im thinking of doing the European Pathway one now :slight_smile: let me know what you guys think


i just booked my spot on Spirit of Europe 2017 Aug 15-Sep 7! Super excited!
hopefully you will join me!


Hey I’m doing European pathway 19th July till 4 th August I’m 25 from New Zealand