Spirit of Europe August 2016


Hi everyone!

I am thinking of booking the Spirit of Europe tour in August… is anyone doing this tour around then? I’d love to hear from you! :yum:


I am Konrad
I am doing this tour leaving London on the 30th of August.


A bit before August but myself and two friends are booked for the 26th of June, I haven’t seen many posts about the Spirit of Europe tour yet tho :confused: we are all from Aus/ Perth, what about you guys?


Hey! Im doing spirit of europe 30th august coming from NZ


Living in Perth now Avren but originally from Wellington NZ


That’s the one I’m doing :smile:


Hey Siobhan, how are you


To all: there is a top deck app on Apple iPhones not too sure about Google play and other app stores. There is also a group messaging board there…


I’m doing this tour leaving August 16!
definitely going to download the app :slight_smile: