Spirit of Europe August 14th 2012


Hello… Is anyone else going on this tour??
I am 25f from Adelaide and I’m traveling alone!
Looking forward to it… Not long to go now!! :slight_smile:


I AM!!! Can’t wait!!!
I’m a 22 year old female from Melbourne and I’m also travelling alone.


Hey! Sorry… I don’t come on here often!
Awesome! I paid mine off yesterday, Looking forward to it! Im sure there will be a whole range of different people going!
Staying at the Clink Hostel for a few nights before the trip, so will meet lots of other travellers! Are you staying there at all?

Can’t wait!


I’m staying there as well on the 12th & 13th. I get in on the morning of the 12th. Perhaps we can sightsee together if you’re up for it?


I get to London on the 18th of July… I would have already done all the sight seeing before u get there!! One of my friends who is doing a different tour is staying at the same hostel… But we’ll probably just be spending our time in the pub! Haha.
I’m sure we will meet up there anyway :slight_smile: