Spirit of Europe (aug/sep)


Ok folks the time has come for another holiday so Europe it is. This trip had me interested from the get go with Berlin and Prague on the itenary as most other tours/companies skip these 2 intriguing cities. Anyone like minded or travelling around this time like the other post below then thats cool too and post away my jet-setting amigos…[br][br]Discipline and saving $$ dont always want to be friends but Im trying…no wait Im doing it, it has to be done. One life![br][br]D.


Well im booked for this tour on the 29 Aug so all good to go bar unforseen circumstances. Yahoo for me![br][br]D.


well golly, looks like the cook,driver,tour leader and I are having ****s,giggles.beers and Skittles for 25 days. ;D[br][br]Damn it, its a cool tour, join me and looks around others …maybe?[br][br]Daniel[br]


Daniel, you sound like a crack up i wish i was doing a tour with you. But my holiday is all already booked and apid for;D you should come on the russian vodka caviar tour in sept. [br]I to love skittles but they make me hyper so i eat m&ms. And i also share your dollar saving inability i am hoping for a really big tax check or it will be just m&ms and vodka for me Krissy:p


nothing in particular just stirring the waters again…[br][br]bye bye[br][br]Daniel


Hi! Im planning on doing this tour. I hear ya discipline & saving don’t want to be friends but the saving has been progressing so looks like ill be booking this tour by the end of the wk :slight_smile: I want to do this tour as it goes to Pompeii and Berlin, none of the others do and these are two places i really really want to visit. Starting to get excited already 11wks to go YaY !!! [br][br]Im very much a fan of BEER and skittles so looks like we may just get along :stuck_out_tongue:


I just had a look on this site at the 29th Aug dep date for Spirit of Europe and it says guaranteed dep date is the 20th Sep. If you have already booked it dont they have to dep on that date or will they delay it to the 20th Sep until they get enough people on the 29th Aug tour ??[br][br]I really dont want to wait around in London until the 20th Sep as im already waiting 2 and a half wks in London before joining the tour on the 29th…might email them ???


hmmm… havent queried the departure date yet but it has me slightly concerned. Either way im going on a big fast shiny jet somewhere so it cant be all bad right? [br][br]Beer can be fine but if they have apple kiwi cordial then im all over that:-[[br][br]Thanks for the headsup and keep posting away. I still lurk…[br][br]Daniel


gotta keep this boat afloat near the top…[br][br]9 weeks roughly but im no good at maths either…[br][br]Ciao![br]Daniel