Spirit of Europe April 2016


Hi there!
Just wondering if there is anyone else there going on the Spirit of Europe tour in April 2016? :smile:

Jayde :smile:


Hi Jayde, My Name is Ryan, I’ll be doing the Spirit of Europe leaving on the 26th of April. Looking forward to meeting you


Hi Ryan,

Look forward to meeting you too :slight_smile:
Where abouts are you from?



Hey Jayde, I’m from Hamilton New Zealand. Doing 2 months through Europe by myself. What about you? Just doing the tour?


Hi Guys!

My name is Jess and I am booked in for the Spirit of Europe trip from the 26th April as well!!! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and having an absolute blast!



Hey Jess!
So excited to meet you in just over a week! Where abouts are you from? :slight_smile:️


Hi Jayde!

I am from Melbourne, Australia!


Jayde where are you from?


I’m from Bendigo! When abouts are you flying out? :slight_smile:️