Spirit Of Europe 8 June 2010


Hi just wondering if anyone else is going on the Spirit Of Europe departing 8 June? I can’t wait!


Hi Gabrielle, I’m doing this tour too! Can’t wait. [br][br]Lauren


Hi Lauren,[br]I can’t wait either! Are you doing any other tours?


Hey,[br]This is my first time to Europe, I’m hoping to do the Greek island hopper but not sure about funds at this stage. I’ll be staying in the UK afterwards to work. [br][br]Lauren


I was going to do the Greek Island Hopper but decided to do the Britain and Ireland tour instead! I’m going to spend 2 weeks in The Netherlands then going to US for 2 months!


Sounds exciting. I’m going to Ireland with friends not long after the tour finishes, I hear its a pretty awesome place. Where abouts in Australia are you from?


I’m from Sydney!


Just bringing this up again!


Myself and 3 friends will be on this tour, can’t wait … wondering if we will need any winter clothes seems it gets cold like 7 deg at night near the start of the tour . Maybe just a good jacket :slight_smile:


Yea I’m thinking warm clothes cos there Spring/Summer doesn’t get as warm as ours! Can’t wait to go though! Are you doing any other tours?


No other tours , hard enough to get 6 weeks off work as it is … this should be a great tour though :slight_smile:


You going to do any optional extras ? i’m keen to go up the stairs of the effiel tower or see the catacombs … i will defiantly consider skydiving in Switzerland too.


I really want to go Skydiving, but I can’t find travel insurance anywhere that will cover it…


Really? that’s interesting i thought covermore did it. that’s who i went with for my NZ adventure trip.
I did so much dangerous stuff there lol . It would of sucked if i wasn’t covered after all!

80 days to go people :slight_smile:

How much spending money you guys going to take / have available not sure how much i would need


There’s no way i’ll be skydiving! I do wanna see the catacombs! I’m hoping to have about AU$140/day hopefully that’ll be enough.


Just bumping this to the top again! Only 7 weeks to go!


bumping it up


Still here! Everything is set, just waiting … gotta by a good jumper / hoodie … thats about it though , i got my initial foreign money. Just waiting for plane tickets and itinerary to arrive now !!


Leave next week!! I can’t wait. Are you guys taking sleeping bags? Or just a sleeping sheet?