Spirit of Europe 7th June 2011


Hey have just booked to go on this tour wondering if anyone else is already booked in or looking to book in for it.



Yeah Dude me and one of my mates are on that aswell. should be awesome.


sounds good, are you boys staying at the clink the night before?


Hey, I’m gonna book this trip too. Can’t wait!


Yeah Dude. We land in London on The 4th. Facebook?.


Im in London from end of May so have a week before we head off. Yeha mate on facebook, what is your name?


Good to see Jon, when you land in London.


Yeah I am doing this tour too! Is that the hostel that you book through topdeck?


Hey Kim,
Good to see someone else getting on board for the tour.
The Clink is the Hostel you can book through topdeck and where we leave from. I’m not staying there until the night before as have a week in London before we head off.

When are you heading over?




Oh I might book a night with them then! I get to London early morning on the 6th June!


how old are you guys doing the trip and are you travelling alone, always good to see average age of the trip.


Yeah dude, im now travelling by myself. I turn 21 When we hit Berlin. win


I’ll be 21 by the time of the trip, and going alone too. How about yourself?
Anyone traveling a bit after the trip too?


Im 28 and travelling alone also.
Yeah ive got another 2 weeks before head back home. How bout yourself?
Are you on Facebook?


Hey Hey!

Just booked my trip today! Woohoo! Ridin Solo but supa excited…


Hi guys,

Just thought I’d let you know that my friends and I will be joining you on this tour.
Three of us, two girls and a guy all in our early 20’s.
Will be awesome!


My 24 yr old Brother is Jumping on Tour aswell. We’ve booked into the Clink for a few nights before… But apparantly its a bit seedy. After The tour We are trekking it accross The Uk. Win ;D


Is anyone thinking of heading to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls Festival from the 6th July?


Great to see we are getting a good group going here.

I have been looking into going to Pamplona Amy but still not sure what I’m doing afterwards. I don’t head back home till mid July so still looking at a few different options.


i am staying in europe for most of july and am keen to go anywhere! would really love to go to spain/portugal, turkey and ireland if anyone is interested to go there!! but am just going to work it all out when the tour finishes