Spirit of Europe (7th - 30th Sept)



Just wondering if anyone is doing the Spirit of Europe tour on 7th September? I am so excited!

I’m traveling by myself and am curious to know if anyone else is?

Ashleigh :slight_smile:


Hi Ashleigh,
IÂ’m also on this trip and certainly excited tooÂ… ThereÂ’s an older post about the same trip on page 5 with 4 replies I think including mine. IÂ’m staying at the Clink from Sept 5. Are you staying there too?


Hi Isabel

I’m staying at Clink on the 6th and also on the 30th after the tour cause I wasn’t sure what time we would finish up.



Cool, IÂ’m staying at Clink on the 30th tooÂ… itÂ’s gonna be fun!! we can do something with the guys that stay overnight in London after the tour.
Are you planning to do skydiving in Switzerland?


I’m not sure whether to do the skydiving - Its a once in a lifetime opportunity so I’m really considering it. It just depends on whether I have the guts at the time. Are you doing it?



yep, I hope that the weather helps Ashleigh because IÂ’d love to :slight_smile:
just few days left and counting down!!
anyone else out there??


Hey there! I’m on this tour too, I cant wait!! I really dont know whether to go skydiving - that sort of thing has never really been my thing, but like you said, its a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Are you doing any tours before/after this one?



Hi Patti

Unfortunately I’m not doing any tours before this one. I arrive in London on the 1st September and plan to see a little of London before the tour. After the tour I’m taking a quick trip to Bath - thats about it for me. What about you?



neither me, just a little bit of London beforeÂ… :frowning:


Hi Isabel,

I am doing the Grand European that also starts on the 7th September. I am staying at the Clink from the 5th. Might see you there.


Hey Janelle, that sounds perfect!! I checked your tour and it has the same schedule than mine up to Switzerland so weÂ’ll probably be around the same places for a little longer…


I cant wait to meet some new faces. Countdown is now officially on. :slight_smile:


I’m doing the British Isle one before this one, I booked through STA UK like someone suggested on here, and pretty much got the two for the price of one (when converted back to au dollars) which is awesome!!

Did you guys get your itinerary sent?

I am getting SO excited! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys :slight_smile:

Im not sure if im a little confused…Im on the Western Spirit tour that starts on the 7th Sep, which is starting in Paris, on to Switzerland, Nice and Italy. Sounds an awful lot like the trip you are all discussing?? (does your trip start out on this tour then continue from Italy?) or am I completely off on the wrong trail. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t seem to find anyone on mine :S so therefore thought I might ask lol.



Hi Krissy,
I’m not quite sure that different tours start as one that later on splits up but we do have the same itinerary, don’t know if the same hostels tho. I presume we can do things together anyway and that would be just great. So if you don’t find your group just join in this one, you are very welcome.
As for the itinerary Patstar, I got mine! and today we are 1 day closer!!! ;D


Rather confused! :stuck_out_tongue: o well…i may well do if it appears I have no buddies.
Im sure all will be fine once I get going on it.
x x


Quick question… as it appears you are all visiting Lauterbrunnen also. The info I have from Topdeck says to take a ‘warm jacket’. Seeing as its only for two days, what is everyone else doin?? Not sure if to take a few layers i.e fleeces and a rainproof jacket (would this be sufficient?) or whether to actually get a decent waterproof fleece/coat (not sure how cold its actually going to be?)



I have the same questionÂ… especially because in Canada is getting really cold right now and makes me feel thatÂ’s going to be the case at night during the tour so if someone has done this tour in September and can give advice it would be great, :))