Spirit of Europe 6th September



Just wondering who is going on this trip. It’s my first time on Topdeck and I will be travelling alone. I just booked yesterday, getting super excited!!


I’ve booked this trip just a few days ago. Same here - first time on topdeck tour as well.
I’ll be going to the La tomatina first before the tour starts and then joining in with the tour in london.
Cant wait!!


Sweet! That’d be so much fun. I’m doing the Baltics/Greece/Turkey then Scandanavia and Russia beforehand.

Where in Auckland are you from? I have family from there :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome. I was about to do a contiki through greece but unfortunately my tour got cancelled there. Their loss Topdeck Gain I guess.
I’m based in Kingsland in the city. I’m originally from Fiji but been here abt 8 years now, so proud Kiwi all the way. :slight_smile:


I love Fiji! I’ve been there twice and am thinking of volunteering at the end of the year there. So far it’s my favourite place. All the locals are so lovely and hospitable.
I’ve been to NZ a couple times too. My family is from Henderson and Taupo. Ha, now I really feel like some L&P, too bad they don’t sell it here.

Travelled much?


yea fiji is awesome…i should go back more!!
i did a trip when i was 18 - went around london frankfurt singapore & 4 weeks in india. apart from that i frequent sydney a lot, ive got family there. i just came back 2 weeks ago from there… but in terms of europe pretty new to me. definitely looking forward to it.
r u on facebook? search for me “Chetan Chauhan Auckland” - should be me doing a backward jump off a cliff into a river canyon : )


Can’t find you! this is the URL for mine http://www.facebook.com/ariellehyland