Spirit of Europe - 5th of july


Hey everyone,
I’m going on this tour alone, so excited to finally make it! just wondering how many people out there will be joining on this trip! And if anyone is staying at the hostel before…


[font=Tahoma]Hi Jollie! I am also doing this tour solo. I’m at the Clink the night before, are you as well?? If so we should have a drink, I will probably return from my day of sightseeing London around 6:30pm if you’ll be around :slight_smile: [/font]


Hey Jollie,

Me and my sister are going on this tour also, we are meeting up in Paris instead of London… so we will see you next week :slight_smile:

I cant wait!!! ;D

Cheers, Nikita



Great to hear from some people traveling on the same tour! Im in london at the moment and staying at the clink hostel the night before so I’ll see you in Paris!