Spirit of Europe 5th Oct - 28th Oct


Hi there,[br][br]Is there anyone else out there doing this trip? I also would love to know if anyone has been on this tour before & has good or bad advice.[br][br]It’s my first time to Europe & I’m travelling alone! :-/[br]I’ve already booked it & I can’t wait :)[br][br]Thanks in advance,[br][br]Holly x


Hi [br]A mate and myself are doing this tour on July 27th. Can’t wait!! I will let you know how good it is[br][br]Trev


Bumping this up again :slight_smile:


[quote]Originally posted by Trev01[br]
Hi [br]A mate and myself are doing this tour on July 27th. Can’t wait!! I will let you know how good it is[br][br]Trev[br][/quote][br][br]Hey,[br][br]Thanks trev, that would be great. Hope you have a good trip!



A friend and I are doing the Spirit of Europe 5th Oct - 28th! I was just about to post a message to see if I could find other people doing this tour
Currently having a gap year to save for travel and uni…

Can’t wait til October!!



It’s nice to find someone else going on the tour! Are you staying in London before hand or meeting up in Paris?
Where abouts in NSW are you? I’m just behind the Gold Coast.
I’ll have the travel bug because I’m travelling around the U.K for 6 weeks before the tour… Are you and your friend doing any other travelling?

Holly :slight_smile:

P.S can’t wait!



Yeah its good to find someone else doing the same one!
We are staying a few days in London before and after the tour.
Have you heard of Tamworth? I’m near there sort of…north west NSW
Well we are only having a short trip 5 weeks
so we have the tour and then we have one more week which we havn’t planned yet…we were thinking of going to Ireland

Sounds like your going a bit longer than us. So lucky!!


p.s. how old are you if you dont mind me asking


Hi Stephanie,

I have heard of Tamworth, i’ve been there many times!
Before the topdeck trip my parents and I are travelling through England up to Scotland and down through Wales and back to London again! We were going to go to Ireland aswell but my parents have to go back to work :frowning:

Before the tour (the night of the 4th Oct) I’m staying at the Clink Hostel. Still haven’t decided where to stay after the tour but I’ll be staying for 4 nights before returning home!

5 weeks is still a pretty good holiday! Have you ever been overseas before? This is my first time ::slight_smile:

Holly :slight_smile:

P.S I’m 20 in April, how old are you both? (if you don’t mind me asking).


Hey Holly,

Wow that sounds great what your doing with your parents!
i havn’t been to europe at all. I’ve been to New Zealand 3 times.
Yeah 5 weeks will be good im sure- i probably can’t afford a much longer holiday anyway
Im 19 in July, my friend is 19 in August

I really can’t wait!
We wanted to go to the Greek Islands but really didn’t have time so will have to do another trip there i think

Steph :slight_smile:


Hi Holly and Stephanie,

My boyfriend and I are booked on this tour as well! We are both from Brisbane and will be joining the tour in London. We’ll see you there! ;D

-Wendy :slight_smile:


Hi Wendy,

Oh it’s exciting finding more and more people going on this tour. ::slight_smile:
Have you/your boyfriend ever been to Europe before?

Holly :slight_smile:


Hi Holly!
My boyfriend has been to Europe a few times actually, but only to scandinavia and UK. I haven’t been before so this is all new for me! We are staying a few days before the trip in London and then spending one night in London then taking off for the UAE. What are your plans?


Hi Wendy,
This’ll be my first time to Europe, so I’m super excited!
I’ll be in the U.K for 6 weeks before the trip and staying about 4 nights after. Still trying to sort that out.
Where abouts are you staying the night before the trip?

Holly :slight_smile:


Hi Wendy!

Thats great! It’s so exciting to find other people doing the same tour!!!
I have never been to europe so I’m extremely excited!! My best friend Alex and I are going together.
We are staying at the Clink hostel on the 3rd and 4th before our tour departs!!
And we will stay there the night our tour ends

Really can’t wait!




I’m on the Eastern Spirit from Oct 13. I believe I meet up with you guys in Rome.

I’m 25 from New Zealand.


Hi everyone!

Thought I’d bump this up again.
It’s getting closer and closer!! :slight_smile: I’m so excited. I leave for the U.K in less than 4 weeks (it’s going so fast).

Is there anyone else out there doing this trip?



I’m thinking about doing this one also! Maybe the one before it, if things dont work out. But definitely want to do this one! I’ll know by tomorrow!!!


Hey everyone,

So glad to see some people doing this tour too! I’d booked on the 28th Sept tour, but it got cancelled unfortunately! Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi everyone!

You can count me in on this tour! I’m also travelling solo & can’t wait to get on it and meet everyone :slight_smile:

So my story… I turn 21 while we’re on tour & I’m currently living and working on the Gold Coast! I’m leaving for London mid september & heading to oktoberfest in Germany with a mate that is currently living in the UK. Hopefully then heading to Spain, before meeting up with the tour in Paris! I’ll be staying at the Clink Hotel the night we return to London, before heading to Leeds to meet up with some friends :slight_smile:

So excited already, only 6 weeks until I leave!