Spirit of Europe 5th April 2011


Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour yet??

I’m travelling solo and would love to meet some people also doing this tour! ;D


Hey Casey,
I’m doing the Grand European which also departs April 5th. I’m travelling solo aswell.
I will be arriving in London on April 3 and hope to get a bit of sight seeing in before the tour, although after 20 hours on a plane, I will probaly be to tired on the day I arrive, but definitely plan on doing as much as I can on the 4th.
You’re more than welcome to join me if you want or we could get together for a drink or something. Let me know if you’re keen :slight_smile:


Hey Matt.
I’m getting in the 3rd as well…who are you flying with?
I wanna try and do as much sight seeing as I can on the 4th as I don’t know when I will ever get back to London! But meeting up for a drink sounds good!


I’m flying with Emirates.

Yeah I wish I had more time in London , there’s so many things I would like to visit.
I probaly won’t get the chance to get back to London for a while either, this trip alone has almost maxed out the entire contents of my savings account


I’m flying with Emirates too. Get in to Heathrow at about lunch time on Sunday.

This trip is costing me a fortune! But I know it will be worth it!


I think we may even be on the same flight, I’m supposed to get into Heathrow at 12:15pm.
Are you stopping over in Dubai?

Yeah it will definitely be worth it, we’ll have to compare stories of both tours :slight_smile:


Strange…I stop over in Dubai and get in at Heathrow at 12:15pm too! Syd-Dubai-Heathrow.


That’s awesome!! I’m going Brisbane-Dubai-heathrow. Wow small world :slight_smile:


Well perhaps there is the possibility we will meet in Dubai then!


I think there is a pretty strong possibility. I would suggest we book our seats together, but I just picked mine the other day and don’t know if I can change them. I managed to get the best type of seat there is for that particuliar flight, an exit row ;D


I haven’t booked my seats yet, only finalized paying my flights today. But let me know what seat you have booked and I will contact my travel agent. It will be good to seat next to someone also travelling Europe!


I’m in 45G. I just checked the seating map, even if I change, there’s still heaps of available seats together :slight_smile:

9 weeks is such a long time, wish it would hurry up. Have you booked your accomodation yet?


I will have a look tonight at the seating available.

9 weeks is going to take forever! I’m actually staying at a mates the Sunday night, and possibly the Monday too.


You’re so lucky to have mates over there, I’m so jealous.
I just booked a basic room in a B&B (didn’t like the sound of that clink place cos of all the bad reviews), but at least where I booked is right near the train station and only a few minutes walk to where the tour departs. I don’t know if we’ll be on the same tour bus or not, your tour starts the same as mine


Yeah, it’s pretty lucky. His only been there a few months.
Lucky your near where the tour departs! I have no idea where it departs - only decided to go overseas about a week ago!
I think we have the same first stop, Paris for two nights. Don’t know if it will be the same bus though


Yeah I’ve been downloadin maps like crazy to try and find my way around, although I’ll probaly still end up lost.
I only just decided to go overseas aswell


Was kind of a spur of the moment decision, when I was walking past a travel agents, I kinda got the urge to book a trip to Europe :slight_smile:


Mine wasn’t that spur of the moment. I had a pretty crap yr last year and thought I would do something fun and adventurous!
Well getting lost is half the fun! Makes it more of a journey!


Oh my God! Thats the exact reason I booked! Ah well, may 2011 be a heaps better year. Yeah I suppose getting lost is part of the fun


Well, I’m sure Europe will make a great start to 2011!