Spirit Of Europe 5 Jun 2007


G’day Everyone,[br][br]My name is Steve and I have just recently booked to join the Spirit Of Europe tour running on 5 June to 30 June 2007. Who is brave enough to join me? I would love to hear from you :)[br][br]Don’t worry, I am not a scary ghost (Some of my friends have called me Casper in the past ;D)[br][br]I am really looking forward to this adventure.[br][br]I would also be interested in finding out a bit more about the options that people who have recently done the tour enjoyed the most (This includes the people who work for Topdeck, as you would definitely know the best areas to go).[br][br]Hope to hear from you soon,[br][br]Steve [br]


Happy new Year Everyone :)[br][br]Looks like it might be the tour guides, me and a pack of M and M’s on this tour. If anyone would like to share my pack of M and M’s you’re quite welcome to join me on the tour :)[br][br]Hope to hear from someone soon,[br][br]Steve[br][br]P.s. For the Aussies out there, I was thinking of offering to share my Tim Tam’s but figured that some people wouldn’t know what they were;D


Hi Steve,[br]Happy New Year to you too, hope you had a good one![br]My name is Sarah and I work for Topdeck in the London office, great to hear that you are booked on the Spirit of Europe Trip for 2007. There are always various optional activities offered on all of our trips and it is entirely up to you weather you participate in any or all of them. We are still finalising our optional activities for 2007 which will range from mountain train rides in Switzerland to Gondola rides in Venice. You definitely have a lot to look forward to! Once you receive your tour documents all of the activities available for your particular trip will be outline along with approximate prices. [br]Sarah (Topdeck Reservations)


Hi Sarah,[br][br]Thank you for your reply :). Had a pretty good New Years drinking and watching the fireworks light up the night sky. How about yourself?[br][br]Currently in saving mode though so I can take full advantage of all this tour has to offer, but am trying to gauge what options are out there and their approximate price…so I have a bit more of an idea of how much money to save.[br][br]It’s only the beginning of the year and I am already getting excited about this tour (And the prospect of sharing my M and M’s with all the wonderful people that are joining me on this tour [Sarah, you are quite welcome to join me, you are after all a wonderful person :slight_smile: and deserve a share in the said M and M’s).[br][br]This tour will be an awesome mixture of beautiful people, beautiful scenery and fantastic experiences. I can’t wait 8-)[br][br]Hopefully talk soon,[br][br]Steve;D


Just another couple of questions about this Tour for anyone who has done this one in the past or from Topdeckers (Sarah or others in the area):[br][br]1. For all the countries visited on the tour, can they all handle transfer of images to CD or DVD (digital Camera question) as I am hoping to take a lot of photos :)[br][br]2. We need to bring a sleeping bag, do we also need to bring a sleeping bag liner?[br][br]Thank you in advance,[br][br]Steve


Hi Steve,[br][br]There will be plenty of opportunities to copy your photos onto CD as you travel around Europe; most internet cafes have these facilities.[br][br]On all of our Euroclub trips you will need to take a sleeping bag, It is up to you weather you take a liner as well.[br][br]Glad to hear that you are excited about the trip![br][br]Sarah (Topdeck London)


Hi Sarah,[br][br]Thanks again for your reply (It appears as though you are a wealth of information on this whole forum :). Are you a M & M’s or Tim Tam’s person?[br][br]Hopefully it’s not too cold up in London at the moment for you. It’s smeltering down here (about 35 degrees C) (The M & M’s and Tim Tams are melting :o, I might have to buy a few more packets of both, closer to the time :)). Not too long to go, as always, looking forward to it.[br][br]Talk soon,[br][br]Steve[br][br]


HI Steve/ Sarah[br][br]My partner and I are looking at doing the Spirit of Europe trip - starting either 5/6 or 19/6.[br][br]I did a 46 day contiki in 2004 which was fantastic but I’m quite interested to see the difference in using another tour company. I’m hoping more people are interested in seeing the sights and getting to know the area rather than spending half the time drinking.[br][br]Anyway im 27 and my partner Russell is 31, we are from New Zealand. We will be living and working in london after our trip finishes and we want to get there as soon as possible.[br][br]I can tell you more about my adventure around Europe last time I was there if you have any further questions otherwise maybe ill see you on the trip 5/6.[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber.


Hello Amber,[br][br]Great to hear you guys are interested in doing our Spirit of Europe trip![br][br]You will find that Topdeck prides itself on having lots of free time in each city allowing you to see what YOU want, this is of course after a detailed orientation by your fully trained trip leader. So even though we have plenty of fun along the way, our main focus is to show you the amazing sites that the beautiful European continent has to offer. After all that is what your here for![br][br]Let me know if you have any questions about the trip.[br][br]Sarah (Topdeck London)[br]


G’day Amber/Sarah,[br][br]Well I for one am more interested in seeing the sights that Europe has to offer thank rolling on the floor drunk. I can get drunk in my own country. So chances are I might have a few nights of drinking, but the majority of the time, I’ll be more interested in the sights and meeting people (People on the tour as well as the locals).[br][br]I’ve been to parts of Europe a few times myself (Pretty well travelled). Where did you go the last time?[br][br]If Topdeck is anything like their sister company Connections (In Australia), we are bound to have an awesome time. The more I read Sarahs comments (She seems to have a dislike for chocolate things though,as she doesn’t seem to answer questions about chocolate :p), the more that I am convinced that I have made the right choice. [br][br]Hope to see you both on this tour. It will be great to have some people in the same age range :). [br][br]Are you both originally Kiwi’s?[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Steve


Should have mentioned in that last post that when I say both, I actually mean Amber and her partner. As I said Sarah, you are more than welcome to join us on this tour, as someone with your knowledge of the area and personality would definitely add to the tour.[br][br]Another question for Sarah:[br][br]Do the countries we travel through all have similar AC power (As stated earlier, I haven’t been to all these countries)? Being an Aussie, I’ll be bringing things over that need 240V 50HZ AC. I am already aware that there are a variety of different powerpoints, but need to make sure that I don’t blow up any devices during my travels.[br][br]Your help, as always is greatly appreciated.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Steve[br][br]P.s. Hope you don’t mind a cheeky comment every now and then :slight_smile:


Hey Steve,[br][br]HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY![br][br]As much as I would love to be going out on any of the trips this Summer, I am actually moving back to Australia next week! [br][br]In regards to power points throughout Europe, most of the countries have the same connections so you will just need the one converter. The only exception on your trip will be Switzerland and you are only there for 2 nights so it won’t be a massive issue. [br][br]Good to hear that you enjoyed your travels with Connections, I use to be a tour leader with them in Australia and New Zealand, great fun![br][br]Sarah (M&M’s all the way!)[br][br][br][br]


Hey Sarah,[br][br]HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY to you too :). Can’t blame you for wanting to come back home. It’s pretty warm down under at the moment and the rain has been hiding for a fair while (Can you bring some English rain (I do mean rain, not drizzle) with you when you come back :slight_smile: ???).[br][br]When you return to Australia are you going to continue the same sort of work or will you be moving on to other things?[br][br]New Zealand, Tasmania and the Northern Territory all provided some wonderful life time memories and experiences I would not have had any other way. All the tour guides I have had the pleasure of meeting on the tours with Connections have been awesome people. That is one of the main reasons, I decided on a Topdeck tour this year (Hoping that they have similar principals in the way they organise their tours). The dynamics of the groups have always been great.[br][br]Thank you for your answer to the question about power. Sound’s like it will be pretty easy to make sure that things are charged and can be used the next day.[br][br]M & M’s RULE :). It’s a pity you won’t be on this tour, would have been great to meet you.[br][br]Thanks again for your help in this thread and the other bits of information you’ve provided in other thread’s I have read (It’s all been useful :). Have a safe trip back to Australia (Remember: Bring some rain for the other states and territories as well :)).[br][br]Hopefully talk soon,[br][br][^]:)[^]:slight_smile: Steve [^]:)[^]:slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,[br][br]Still wondering if there are any people going to join this tour? Please let me know if you are joining this tour. It’s going to be a blast. Started counting down the days :).[br][br]Talk soon,[br][br]Steve


Hi Steve[br][br]Went to our travel expo today and booked our trip. My travel agent is going to confirm our seats for 5th June on Monday but assuming its not full yet then we will be there.[br][br]Im looking forward to meeting everyone on the trip as I still keep in contact with the people i met on the last trip I did.[br][br]Yep both my partner and I are kiwis although I am also a British Citizen (Born in Nz, dad’s scottish born in scotland - thanks dad, best present he’s ever given me ahahah).[br][br]We’ll also be doing a mini break to Edinburgh after our trip which will be my first time in Scotland - cant wait.;D[br][br]Anyway will write again soon.[br][br]Amber[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber.


Hi Amber,[br][br]It will be great having the both of you on this tour (Look forward to meeting you both). This means that I’ll have someone to share my M&M’s with :). The Edinburgh mini break sounds like it will also be great [br][br]What sort of work have you lined up after the tour? It’s good having the dual citizenship (A very useful present from your father :). [br][br]Are you staying at the globetrotters the night before the tour [4 June]? If so we could meet up before the tour starts.[br][br]Talk soon,[br][br]Steve


Hi Steve,[br][br]Sorry but we have changed our tours to the tour leaving 19th June as because of lack of funds we have to make sure we are leaving on a gauranteed tour - maybe you could change yours over to leave on the 19th too?[br][br]If not sorry and it was nice chatting for the small time that we did.[br][br]Hope you enjoy your tour.[br][br]Amber.[br][br]Cheers[br]Amber.


Hi Amber,[br][br]Sorry to hear that you won’t be coming along for the 5 June Spirit of Europe. As I am on a tight time frame (and have other commitments after this tour finishes), it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to change my tour date to the 19th.[br][br]Feel free to continue chatting to me(I enjoy chatting to you too). We are on different tour dates but will be doing a similar style of tour. As I am starting earlier than you, I might be able to give you some hints once mine has started (Before your tour starts). Anyway, let me know what you think.[br][br]All paid up and counting the days until this wonderful adventure starts.[br][br]Talk soon,[br][br]Steve :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,[br][br]Just wondering if there are any more wonderful people on this forum that are going on this tour? If so, it would be great to hear from you.[br][br]Hopefully talk soon,[br][br]Steve :)[br][br]P.s. I am still bringing M&M’s :slight_smile:


Just wondering if anyone else is going on this tour? If so, I would love to hear from you.[br][br]Talk soon,[br][br]Steve :slight_smile: