Spirit of Europe 4th October 2016



Just wondering if anyone else is booked on this tour, leaving London 4/10/16
I can’t seem to find any posts about this specific trip. Would be cool to see who else is coming along :blush:



Hi Jess,
I am also on this trip!
I am arriving in London on the 3rd and staying for 3 nights after.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:



Oh hi!
I’m kind of doing the opposite to you haha. I’m staying for 3 nights beforehand at Wombats Hostel, but just leaving the day after the tour finishes.
Where abouts are you travelling from?

I’m so excited!


I’m coming from Torquay, Aus.
Where are you coming from?



I’m also on this trip. Staying a couple of days beforehand and leaving the day after. I’m coming from Brisbane. Not long now, so excited for it.



Im on this trip :blush: be fresh off oktoberfest


Hi Guys,

I am also on this trip! We are staying in London for three days before. Looking forward to it and meeting you! :smile: