Spirit of Europe 4th October 2011


Hi there

I’m going to be doing this tour and was wondering if anyone else has booked to do this tour yet?



I’m booked on this tour too and am excited to see that someone else is aswell so far in advance. Am so excited and am counting down the days till I leave. Would be good to get in touch as I’m travelling alone.


Yippee me too - I also booked this way in advance in December last year. It’s getting that much closer.


I’m also travelling alone so would be great to get to know you before hand.

When do you arrive in London? I’m arriving on the 1st October from Rome.


I arrive in London on the 25th of September. I’ll be living with a friend as I’m planning on working in the UK for a couple of years. I’m a bit scared but having someone that I know makes me feel a bit better.