Spirit of Europe 4th July 2017


Hey guys I’m Tamara! Just booked this trip for next year solo! I’m from Syd. Thought I’d get in early and see who will be joining me and what everyone’s travel plans are before and after!?
Still a while away but super keen! :smile:


Hi Tamara, I’m James. I just booked for the 4th July tour and will also be travelling solo, so I guess I’ll be joining you! I’m from Adelaide. My plans are to fly out a few days earlier so that I can spend some time in London before the tour starts. At the moment I’m likely to be staying at the Wombat’s Hostel which is where our coach leaves. I’m also planning to finish the tour in Amsterdam and spend a few nights there before flying back. Good to hear from you!


Ah yay!
That sounds awesome! I’m flying to London a few days earlier too and will probably be finishing in Amsterdam as well! Let me know if you want to meet up in London beforehand if you don’t already have plans there, I’ll most likely be staying at Wombat’s as well!
Glad I’m not the only solo traveller!


Oh really, that’s awesome! I’ve heard that many people travel solo on these trips so we should be fine! Yeah that could be fun - perhaps we could arrange this closer to our departure, I’m not too sure what I’ll be doing in London as of yet. In the meantime though, do you have Facebook? It’ll be easier for us get in contact that way! Cheers :slight_smile:


I have no idea what I’ll be doing in London either :joy: Yes add me on Facebook - my Facebook name is just Tamara Baxter. I’m not Facebook savvy so hopefully it comes up easy enough lol!


Just in case I have the wrong Tamara, did you go to Moss Vale High School? It comes up as the first result and it mentions that you live in Central Coast, NSW. Would hate to add the wrong person that’s all haha! :joy:


Haha yes that’s me! Definitely don’t add the wrong Tamara :joy:


Hey there ! I will also be joining this trip with my friend Katie :slight_smile: we are from Sydney as well!! so excited


Hey guys. looks like i will be joining you all on this trip! Il be coming from New Zealand and i am also travelling solo.


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to meet you all! Do you guys have any plans for travel afterwards?


Im traveling over a couple weeks before hand going around Ireland before going back to London a couple days before the tour starts. I am planning on finishing up in Amsterdam aswell.


my friend and I are planning on doing the greek islands after the trip for 5 days or so :slight_smile:


Heyyyy! Me and my friend lauren have booked this trip too! keen as! We are from the central coast in NSW too!


Hey! You would know one of my good friends she also works at mingas! We should start a facey group for all the people on the trip!


yes great idea !!!


How random! What’s her name? Haha I would probably know her!

Yes let’s start a Facebook group for sure! I’m heading to Greece straight after Amsterdam! :grin:


we are also ending in Amsterdam and then going to fly out to Athens the next day :slight_smile: We are flying out of Athens on the 3rd Aug so will be there for about a week! Cant wait!


Michelle Mcintyre! So random hey haha! We are going to tomorrowland straight after amsterdam !


The greek islands are amazing i was just there in july! we are heading to tomorrowland straight after amsterdam! yew how exciting haha


does someone want to create a group and add us all on facey :slight_smile: