Spirit of Europe 4 May 2010


Anyone on this tour?[br][br]I’m going with my friend


Yep. Myself & 3 friends are going. [br]First time to Europe for all of us[br]Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hey girls![br][br]I’m thinking of booking this trip too! [br][br]I just called Topdeck, and the guy told me that there are only 9 people booked for this tour so far!![br][br]I’m so excited for this![br]:)[br]Flying solo for the first time as well!


im going with my best friend. we are from the gold coast, where do you from?[br]i can’t wait i’m starting to slowly purchase stuff for the trip, don’t want to leave everything til the last minute. it’s our first time to europe as well.[br]


Hey Guys,[br][br]Me and my brother are booked in for this tour!! Can’t wait should be awesome! I’m 21 and my bro will be 20 from adelaide. It’s both our first time to europe and my bros first time overseas. We’ll be in london a good week before so if anyone wants to catch up before get in contact. Not sure where we are staying yet but if anyone knows a good place let me know. We are also doing the Top Deck 6 day patrol for ANZAC day. I’m then staying on in europe till October. [br][br]Can’t wait : )


Hey Girls![br][br]My name is Bianca and I’m from Canada! Sad to tell you that I’ve changed my mind on this tour, and will be taking a tour from EuroHotel instead. But I see that our tours link up in Switzerland and Vienna for a day! So hopefully we bump into each other there![br][br]Have a blast on your tour!! :)[br][br]


Hi Everyone,

Booked this trip about 6 months ago. Can’t wait. 1st time 2 Europe. Doing the trip to get my head around Europe because i will be living in Europe for 2 years. Will be with my partner… Very excited.



Hi Again, me (Emma) & 3 of my closest girls (Jo, Mel & Rachael) are going. We’re all 23/24, from Adelaide & it’s our first time to Europe, except for Rach.

I’ve never been before, but it’s been my dream since I finished Uni a couple of years ago. This tour looks awesome & I’m really really REALLY looking forward to Auschwitz!!

We’re in London for 3 days before the tour & then a week afterwards. At this statge we’re staying in the Clink Hostel before the tour starts + a few days after the tour & then we’re treking over to a hotel for our last few days there.

Cannot wait. Only 3 months to go. Save! Save! Save! :slight_smile:


PS. Stazz - very very VERY envious of the ANZAC tour you & your brother are doing. I’m planning on going at the 100 year anniversary! :slight_smile:


Hey Emma,

My brother and I get into london on the 27th just before our tour starts! Not sure where we are staying yet haven’t got that far ahead. As if you guys are from Adelaide too.

PS: the 100th year anniversary of ANZAC day will be amazing!


Hi, im Kirsty, and 1 will be coming ont he tour with one friend Dee, we are both from Sydney, and can’t wait to get to both London, and Europe. We are arriving the day before and stayign at The Click, and then staying on a week later and staying at The Umi.


Hi Guys,

Just found out there will be about 47 of us on this tour!!
WOW & i thought hardly anyone was booked for this one.

Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Hi Emmarrr

I was just wondering how out found out how many people are on the tour?
I’m going on the spirit of Europe 8/6/10

Thanks Gabrielle


Hi Gabrielle,

I rang Topdeck today with a query & just happened to ask if they could tell me how many were booked on our tour.

Easy as that!

Have fun in June :slight_smile:




Hey Guys,

Yeh found out today that every single place on this tour is booked! So its deff going ahead I can’t wait now its coming up soon quick!


Anyone had any luck at finding the “pre-departure info” & “optional activities” page?
Clicked on our “trip itinerary” link & the last page says to go to the topdeck site & find these docs to have a look at… Can’t find it though :-s


Ignore last message - pre-departure info now up on our tour page, under the itinerary :slight_smile:

PS. I may have been slightly misinformed about the number of us going on this trip. 38…not 48. They can only fit 38 on the bus!


hey emma,

I was thinking the same as you I’ve neva seen a bus with approx 50 people on it well a double decker i have but my travel agent def said 47-48. Either the tour is going ahead and I can’t wait its only 5 and a half weeks till I leave and not long after that the tour starts? Anyone know where they are staying in london yet?


Yay! Not long to go now, can’t wait! My friend, Emily and I are staying at The Clink for 3 nights before the tour, it’ll great to catch up with anyone before hand you are interested.

Does anyone know when we are going to get any info about our tour? I noticed there is some information up regarding the pre departure info and itinerary however it would great to find out a list of hostels/hotels we are staying at and a price list for all the extras before the tour begins so that I can budget how much money i need to put aside.