Spirit of europe - 3rd Spetember



My names Vanessa and i’m 23. I have booked this tour and wondering who else is going? Would be good to get a know a few people before hand! Looking forward to meeting everyone! I’m from New Zealand, but currently living in Melbourne, Australia!


Hey Vanessa,

My names Chris- Iv lived in longer for 1.5 years and heading home (Sydney) in oct so wanna do one last tour- Im thinking I will join this tour on the 11th in Rome although if I can get the cash together i’d love to do the whole 24 days :slight_smile:

either way- Ill be seeing you!


Hay Vanessa!! ;D My name is Erin and I’m doing this tour too! I’m 25 from CHCH, NZ. There’s a couple of others who have also said they’re doing the tour on my post, from Perth. Looking forward to meeting you! Are you travelling beforehand/after as well? :slight_smile:


Hey Vanessa, I’m Tom from the Gold Coast in australia but am moving to england for a few years at the end of august and am going to book onto this tour. Am travelling solo so would be good to get to know a few people beforehand. :slight_smile: