Spirit of Europe 3rd May 2016


Heya just wondering if anyone on here is doing the Spirit of Europe tour on the 3rd May this year? Cheers,Jacki :smile:


Spontaneously booked it today! :deciduous_tree:


Oh cool, where are you from?


Hertfordshire. Just outside London! :gb:


Awesome. Do you have Facebook or anything? We should catch up before we head off! I’m from Australia :slight_smile:


Yeah sure. I’m Sian O’Sullivan on facebook. The picture is two blonde girls. :dancers:


Cool, I’ve messaged you on Facebook (I think it’s you, there’s a few with the same name haha.


I think it might have been the wrong one…
Just looked and there’s another Sian O’Sullivan with two very blonde girls as the picture! I’m wearing a grey top and my friend a black one…


Hello!!! I’m going on this trip!!!


Awesome do you have Facebook? Way easier to get in touch on there


Hey hey! I’m doing this trip too :blush: So excited!


Awesome where are you from? Do you have Facebook? X


From Auckland, New Zealand :blush: Yes! Send me a request https://m.facebook.com/lozsutherland91


Hey all! Not long now!


Hello :slight_smile:

I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! I rarely travel so this is a great opportunity to explore the world and meet new people. I’m flying into London April 30 and staying at the Wombat Hostel, the same as the tour, and if anyone else is arriving early we can definitely meet up and explore London together.

Feel free to add me on Facebook (Peter Oliver). I have the same profile picture as this forum.

20 days!


Good idea to stay at wombats! We meeting at 6am on


… On the 3rd! :scream::sweat_smile:


Hello!!! Here is my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luciana.cruz.127
I´m from Brazil and I´ll meet the group in Paris. I´ll arrive on April 26th. If anyone is also going to meet the tour on this city, I will be very pleaseat to have company while exploring Paris!!!


I’m about to board my flight! I’ll be landing in London at 8:00am UK time tomorrow (April 30). My number is 905-745-1082. Please message me if you’re in London a couple days early like me :slight_smile: