Spirit of Europe 3rd May 2011


Hey Kellie,
I’ve booked this trip! Im travelling solo, and im 23, so you dont need to worry about being too old. I’ve heard of a few others that have booked this trip too, on other forum pages.


hellooo im doing this trip also! going solo best way to be, so pumped!! ;D



I’m doing this trip too (solo). I am 21 and I have booked a flight to London on the 29th so I can do some touring before hand. I’m looking to possibly meet up with someone in London for those few days. If any of you are in the same boat add me on Facebook (Alex Barkin).



We’re two 18 year olds, also heading off on the 3 May Spirit of Europe, getting into London the day before.
Ready to get wild!

catchya on the flip.