Spirit of Europe 3rd July 2012


Hey everyone :slight_smile:
I’m Jessica, I’m 21 and I’m from Sydney Australia
I’m booked on the spirit of Europe tour which departs London on the 3rd July 2012, I’m travelling solo and have never been overseas before, so I’m VERY nervous!
I was hoping to find some other people who are also going on this tour so we could possibly meet at the Clink hotel before we leave :slight_smile:


Hey Jessica,
My names Hayley and I’m also booked on that tour, 21yrs and travelling solo.
So glad im not the only one going solo.
I’m from Newcastle and plan on staying at the Clink78 on the 2nd July.
I’ve lived in England and been dying to go back and see more of Europe.
So looking forward to this, cant wait :slight_smile:


Hey Hayley :slight_smile:
do you have facebook? Whats your last name, Ill add you??
Im so nervous to be going alone, I have never been overseas before so im freaking out! But im really looking forward to meeting some new people and making new friends :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m way nervous too about going alone, but a few of my friends have travelled solo and came home safe and sound and had an absolute ball. I’ll pm you my full name and email, so its easy to find me.
Talk soon :slight_smile: